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November 20, 2009





Dear Soulful Friend,
Use the dust of west and east, north and south,
family is blessed be blessed
family is blessed.
and “linked”
This (your soupful letter, text not quoted) makes thoughts come about this week’s Torah portion. i’ve been looking at this section about esau/jacob birthright
Esau asks “what use is it?”
what is the use? what is it to me?  i know the feeling from that place, a question: what is this use? use me, longing
to be used. what it’s use is
is longing to have a use.
what is this use?
to use of this?
and this is the question asked.
before the birthless in esau
becomes the birthless of yaakov.
What is the use of that which cannot be used?
and this place of I, can it

what is the use of anything,
and the birthright was a promise
intended for the one who holds it.
by having that which is.
and so my blessing to you, my love, is this:
that we may know where that place will past tense led me. inside this question is a forgotten answer. remember that place of you. which is a bursting memory, whose only fog is the cloud of g-d. Isaac’s only sight has been for you, he who remains unseen,  he who would never have slept if he had known, has been told for many things i’ve used you for, and there ever is a use.

and father’s answer comes clearly from jacob when he asks him “are you esau,” jacob does not lie, in saying “it is I.” This is the place of birth in daylight. from soul to soul and innermost blessing you. the abundance of life has come from soup, that he may give, his soul to you, and blessing used by one of use, the innermost, holy truth, if ever there’s to be a use, love was told to leave the land,
and this is now the game of trust, for what’s the use if it is used up? esau plays a game of trust. what’s the use of using us once the use has been used up? what’s the use of being used?
and jacob now has seen his truth: even
angels can be moved! and make a lie to move through soup and be disguised
up and down.
always choosing. and never thought That place could move, or look like a boring field man too, or
use a “ladder” like workers do,

but they ask again that they be used. knowing that to ask the use before given has been asked again.

ask again that i may see the place that you make use of me.
so intended then is all that is.
the message received was accurate, infinite.
father lost and sight is soup, love is warmth, and blessed are you.just inside of whats the use, lies the heart of blessing given by a father’s flock, yaakov finds his one and only in the field that he forgot was worthy of a single place, especially the kind that faceless is. the one who looks a lot like blessing has been blessed by every nothing.

love finds his field his brother knew, had he asked for soul not soup.
that’s the truth the birthright now. although i have no idea what i want to say to you. it just makes me think of soup and how i would rather love so much more than eat, and yet i am so hungry and broken, and in hunger asking what’s the use of no use, as much as esau what’s the use? of birthright, can i hands that move.
the yearner of the purpose here, bringing life, i miss you, and honor so much your hope and wish, and hope you know perfection, yes, and the place where motion meets the moveless, and the point where heaven meets the earth, and never think they’re separate worlds. and thank you for sharing your thoughts, i am wanting something clearer than this story. i am interested in it, but what is there to say, i mean, jacob gives the blessing in this way. esau gives his blessing away, and i guess that’s like just what it is. if it happens once it can happen again, and women give birth so will she again and she is a woman, so if not now then when? blesses his wife in blessing that son, and blessing himself is everyone.

and jacob now lives the land of blessing in the light from the guilt, from a life of the blessed in the loss of the guilty. is the point what was done, does it matter how it happened? that jacob has received this blessing, does gd come because it’s part of it, or because it’s actually what has always been? is this all what’s meant to be, and can his freedom now be a fallacy, how can this be given a face or given a faceless value? so what’s the use of soup? for never have you used and there ever is a use.

i thank this holy question for using me, and jacob true blessing is that one may see the soul and soup of feeding be the place that moves us as we. the difference between made and used. giving fertilizing getting.
They all knew the part that does not know of you. and also the place of soul, so beyond the named or used. For many things i have been used. ask again that i may see that place that has no use of me.

there’s so much more to say about this. my soup of soup has compounded every thought by soul and truth. and so i welcome that i use nothing but what’s given through, it’s all i’d want, i promise you. i promise you the guilt i feel is the clothing of the want and fear.  in the waiting of the one of real:
is anything really real?and even G-d who comes to yaakov, is it just because of esau, or is it here without a struggle, i wish it were so, and even that to make a wish, to not to see the whole of it. and if Isaac knew the truth would he say “it is not you?” or is that all there ever was. the one and only name of love is awakened by a blessing, so may this womb be filled and healthy, by the soup of mother nature, by the home of you bring your soul, and here is child to be grown. child come, child, home. through whichever means you are, story guide him not too far, sorry is a jealous rage, hunger anger any thing, let not this hunger lest i forget to wonder
what’s the use of this
and also what’s the use, to think that i could know the use?  to think that i could ever know what i am being used for. and to assume that For is any
other than, or more, or plenty.
fortune told where fortune gets me, birthright gotten by way of soup, the same way that it came to you. let it go for what is true, was always knowing . . .
child. bigger than a fallacy, a blessing, or a way to see. bigger than a born into, bigger than a mine and you, bigger than a past of brother, wishing I, or want another. bigger than what nurture be is a land that flows
where mother lives.
where mother is.
where mother are we.
talk about a bigger purpose. mother knows what is worth it.

I am just a little promise inside it too. i do not know whats good or bad, or if i am saying something that’s life armor, but i believe in a bigger purpose something beyond my words and beyond my prayers and it’s the only thing that’s worth it that there’s just a worth of you. not separate from other woman, wish her child all her wisdom, rebecca loved. i wish that i could say what’s true and bridge a gap of what’s unbroken. 
and even that i break a promise that the truth may be the top. to show that every promise promised is much bigger than we thought,

rebecca loved.


family, be blessed and “linked”, family is blessed.


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