Jewish Journal


by Emily Stern

September 22, 2011 | 3:12 pm

painting: Sulaam Yaakov (Jacob's Ladder) by Emily Stern

I am a little open ended
clinging to your tallis, winging it, looking up at you, Trusting you.
Your every move, expecting the best.
Anything, be for good
I love the Tallit we are enraptured in,

Just the feeling.

That’s not what I asked for when I asked for you.
Just the feeling of being cloaked in light, a tapestry.
There was an oil spill in the desert someone said, a long time ago, and out came a new species, new plants. maybe creation has just begun. we are ready for a new heart this world.
Once the body would be changed by a single brush of the wind, changing everything.

the earth’s body, coming alive, the ball she wears a slinky dress to begins at first watch (Brachot, 1), doing the waltz, Shma. His father was the one who re-found the dye in the waters to make the tallit blue, A certain fish, I think. and they saw water comes in pairs and plurality. - Maayim, always in the plural, being cloaked in light, she could have danced all night.

do we really know what’s at the core of the earth? Come on, lets travel there!
start a whole new dance,
A tapestry, and they told me that water can’t get dirty because water purifies, and then I think about what happened with our oceans.
There was this movie about “Them and Us” that then bands together to free something or other, finding common ground to greet something,

Clinging to the Tallit
winging it, looking up, Trusting you.
Your every move, expecting the best.

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Emily Stern is a devotional poet and songwriter. Her album “Birth Day” can be downloaded on iTunes or from CD baby.  As an actor and playwright, her plays have been performed...

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