Jewish Journal

Love Is You/EXODUS

by Emily Stern

January 29, 2010 | 4:51 pm


The Journey from Egypt was on time.
when Isaac was Carrier of his whole people in a smile
that came from nowhere. When he walked, just feeling the Light from being.
and I imagine two men walking.

One asking questions in the other’s head.  Do you hear my questions like laughter?
My knowing you, may it be called Faith. This is Father-Son bonding—binding—
questions- when you are the Sun of Abraham-

And we would have let the switch happen sooner: if we weren’t distracting each other with sunlight,
Tickling the angel who was holding up the head of the one with smile, saying made you look, make me look to the angels who were holding the head of the ram.
while we held the hand of him.

You cannot split this consciousness. while your head is facing the somewhere. not quite attentive-
paying attention to the journey, and at the same time looking straight at the Sun. That blinds the eyes,
birds overhead, and not being burned. While the heard is water bring up from over you waves.
of heart——this here too. at this moment.

And this expanse is Isaac. Still landing here. tefillin, mezuzah, it’s the lesson on Isaac. Keep your sun close and your heart close. Keep the words of love in your hand, keeping the subtlety of creation hidden, thinking it were a big bang, when it was really quiet, like the shift in consciousness the one that integrates the one that interface interlaced the one is Isaac.  Oh, Sarah held her hand of her’s, and the water! and the sun, and the salt and said let there be light! and sarah held the hand of the nation of Israel, of the tribe of the staff, of the string, of the womb, of the women, of the dancing! of the water, and gentleness came gently.

and we have broken in freedom. the combination. the master held my hand and master held the hand of Sarah. and master made my hand and master broke the way for dancing and for mitzvot, and for land, and master broke the laugh of water, laugh of waiting, laugh of structure, and laugh of child crying for the end to be over. for this moment to be over as the world begins to speak song of ever being lover song of song . . . “I never knew I was one with you who breathes of freedom who believes of love. I know it’s you who believes in truth who believes in friendship who believes in us widened like temples with vines outside who forgo outside when the longing to sings and one side is one side a one sided sever simple so simple to every sun renders surrender to loving the One- I the many of love.” Speaking for all golden calves and forms wanting to be pure. I never knew i was one of you whose . . .  “What would it be, what would it be like, and i am one holding myself, who says this? who wants? it? under the gates the plants are growing, a timeless way to go about going, a sure to be taste of reading and knowing the one is holding herself. I am where i am. what couldn’t this be? holding myself like i’m the one- the one you are. What would it be what would it be like to Open to You as if the gates were mine?”

walking along walking along walking
bushes, i have found you in the cities that have frowned you in the sorrow. in the sound of who were are. clown.
awakening so far. so far. so far…

Go wherever your home is he said and my home was not with him. Guide The Glove.
My mother was golden haired
crying in the corner
of a dark childhood bedroom
closet or other and whimpered by whispered
things she called sad.
her light was alive and golden
a crack very other than blood above her head, open hidden open door.
other than this world is my.
my boyfriend was my home and he said Come Home
and that meant I had to leave him. My home was not with him.
my home is neither here or where.
did you ever know that love could love?
and make my love new.
you, my Love, create my love.
Home is my love.
i grew up in a gardened house, he was king of under anything
who never took things too literally. This is the heart of Pharoh simply we broke up. His mentioning conducive to my lease.
its like anything that’s split.
really. gated or something or other be dancing with the gardeners
but i always thought my mother was dancing with the gardener.
heal the Purim in my liturgy.

and we have broken in freedom. the land of the bastard. master held the hand of sarah. and master broke the laugh of structure. laughter broke the hand of water. and laughter spoke the hand of soldier who are crying for the end of the over for this moment. to be over as the world begins to speak speak speak song of ever being lover song of song of clover clever. i never knew i was free. i never knew i was one of you whose seeds were made to glow. wide along temples like glimpses outside that forget they are outside when they are many of us. open to you as if the gates were mine. what would it be, what would it be like, to release this love?

fare yee well, my dying drowned fear. old you are and sick so far you fall away from this you are. oh, love i let you in love. love of love. love can love is lovers can love i let you go in love to bring me home and make love create love love can love and has was come the blessing that arises from being in the earth is that the earth can open and can swim and can be seen under the part of think that is not bound to love in you. love is you. loving you.  because our dance was our land.

we were all on time to the dance, whose parents met outside of convenience stores. my grandmother and grandfather spoke of shoes with holes on one side that were split open. open to this bound dance. on mandolin on sacred story.

I want to Thank
and Thank and Thank You.
You know way more that I ever could
the reasons that my gratitude decides to show her face
in this moment, and for this
I give thanks.


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Emily Stern is a devotional poet and songwriter. Her album “Birth Day” can be downloaded on iTunes or from CD baby.  As an actor and playwright, her plays have been performed...

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