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Inherit The Earth

by Emily Stern

February 27, 2012 | 2:56 pm

Inherit the Earth

Imagine if we were to inherit the earth——-
it’s consciousness, it’s playing, it’s ability for listening to what does Gd say?
Is the world halachic? Does it step in time? Does it have an Independent Existence?
Does it flare up in anger or use Your name in vain—-
The energy that rips people to shreds that I try to control, but controls me instead.

If we were really really to inherit the earth,
would it glow in all directions uncontainable, uncontrolled?
Would the deeper meaning be expanded or Could I ever know?
Or is there such thing as a message that rises and rises?
would i be able to conceive
that the message from the earth is only for Gd
to be given through you and me?

If i received an inheritance
would i even want it?  would it be like the body that I wear and walk with?
would I be invisible? would i have Tachlis?

If I were to inherit what I give to you, is it now so upwards. I give this to you
and is this not what you want, my unblemished pain?
if I laid my heart on the alter of earth
that you made, would you inherit me? Could I be the wind?
could I be your soul? could I be near you instead?
What could begin? What do we merit
when we inherit the earth?


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Emily Stern is a devotional poet and songwriter. Her album “Birth Day” can be downloaded on iTunes or from CD baby.  As an actor and playwright, her plays have been performed...

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