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A Rosh Hashana Invite

by Emily Stern

September 13, 2012 | 2:14 pm

S.H.E.'s wedding

part 1


I am planning a birthday party for all of us-- the one big person that we are. I am buying balloons and a banner and a birthday cake (maybe a honey one) and we are having a picnic in my apartment. I will not hang a sign saying, "the party's here" because the party's everywhere, our tremendous party. This is what the party will be.


Every moment of Rosh Hashana, a Breslover told me once, is a microcosm, a very concentrated, consecrated microcosm of the year. Some say this about the whole month of Elul leading up to the holiday. The whole of life, the pores that infiltrate the endless moments, These momentary moments like spokespeople for the central point of each molecular structure. When your body changes shape in the night . . .


A great friend said once that if we all make up Adam, the first man, the head of the human race, a large large person that we all comprise, she said that if we all make up adam, that she is the part of the hand that took the fruits from Eve. I love her. She will eat honey cake and laugh at my party at the stories being told and the blessings being given. We will eat LETTUCE and I will bless us, "Let us . . . " and when we are eating strawberries I will say, "may all your coarseness (straw) turn to berries."


I feel the waves of changing lasting in my head a little longer than usual, and I raise myself to this level remembering all those whirling Breslov men-- dancing, b'simcha because today is the day, if ever there are to be days again because the days have blessed them. and this same friend will laugh at the list of "funny things children say" that I printed off the internet. I wonder what else will happen as we propel ourselves into these next moments, these next memories, These collisions of NOW and nows and Then and experiences.




part 2.


and we reach the birthday that is the individual's that maybe you share with one other person you know, the once in a year birthday for you that you come into after we have tasted the wholeness of heaven on rosh hashana, when we are one.  I would hope to have a birthday. When is your birthday?


and this day . . . this day . . .This this rosh Hashaa, we will stand over the stars. Shooting stars, the light like lightning, the ones who teach, the one who twinkle and remind us who we are. "The funny things grandchildren say." Are you laughing today, Avraham, Sarah? Rivka? Rachel? Leah? are you laughing at the way we twinkle and


light the candles and blow the bugles

and joke around in the seriousness

as the King's whatever we ares.

Having built a temple we can't yet see.

Have you noticed your torah, the way you see it, is getting sweeter? It's because Moshiach is in our heads, living, but not in the imaginative way.

In the way we crown the kind king

like how some sages said the soul rests in the head.


yes, that close.


in joy,


Sweet New Year, Happy Birthday, Mazal Tov, Shalom

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Emily Stern is a devotional poet and songwriter. Her album “Birth Day” can be downloaded on iTunes or from CD baby.  As an actor and playwright, her plays have been performed...

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