Jewish Journal

Jacob’s Love

By Emily Stern

July 7, 2010 | 11:56 pm

I am so in love with you.
I have never known love like this.
wanting for what I already have.
yearning for that which I am.
So wanting to be within myself... More.

  • Ego

    By Emily Stern

    July 7, 2010 | 10:41 pm

    My ego you have crafted
    Hand carved
    With weavings so delicate and perfect
    Written With a pen so fine
    Of infinite moments in time
    Of conversations
    Mixed with tinted temperment
    Painted with the science
    Of astrology, chronology
    And biology
    So perfect is each moment
    That I can only bless myself
    As your chariot
    A container of dreams
    And cosmic science experiments
    Loving you
    Wishing for you
    As only “I” can.