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The Human Whisperer: A Seductive God

by Dr. Afshine Emrani

January 23, 2014 | 7:51 am

What is a woman’s most erogenous zone?  As a physician, my answer would be based on the number of nerve endings per square inch of skin, but as a well trained married man, the clear answer is her ears!

I am a scientist by training but a mystic at heart. Evolutionary theory states that a primordial soup of chemicals interacted to make molecules, then organisms, animals, human beings, social awareness, all of which finally led to art and poetry. On the other hand, laws of thermodynamics dictate that entropy is constantly increasing disorder in all systems.   How then do you get van Gogh and Byron born out of disorder or a chemical soup struck by lightning? Perhaps God is Anti-entropy. There is a force gently nudging us in a direction against disorder and toward growth. "Behind every blade of grass an angel whispers "grow"" says the Talmud.

Mystics have long seen the Sinai experience as the act of marriage between God and Israel, and the Torah as the Ultimate Ketubah.  Imagine an Ocean (God)  trying to fill a tiny vessel (the human soul.)  Surely, the vessel would break.  We, the finite, cannot handle seeing or hearing The Infinite, lest we shatter.  Such is the nature of our spiritual rapprochement: We must keep enough distance from the Intangible God not to break, yet spend all our days searching for and reconnecting with our essence within Him.

God whispers into our ears, individually, one at a time.  At Sinai God said “I am your God” and “your” was in singular form, although by some accounts 600,000 Hebrews were present.  He whispered a single, silent letter, the Hebrew “aleph” and we knew the Ten Commandments.

In the beginning, God created the world through a whisper of words: “Let there be light,” the most romantic words Uttered. He showed us that something can be created out of nothing if there is enough love.

Through faith and by laying down a spiritual bed of prayer, we ask God to whisper to us.  Signs can be subtle to our limited perception.   But if we listen intently, willingly, invitingly, His Voice will appear in silence.  As the psalmist sang, "Be still and know that I am God."

We are told if the Bible is holy, then the Song of Songs is the Holy of holies.  A passionate yearning of the lover to know the Beloved, each morning awaking with a heart throbbing in  search of that first kiss.  To be pursued is what God wants of us; What we want from God is not to be left alone.  When we hold a child in the darkness and tell her a story, that physical darkness is not eliminated, but the touch, the whisper, the love lights up the heart of the child.   “Do not worry, for I am here.  I am with you, always!”  Ultimately, we want to know we are understood, we are held in His warm embrace. 

Much has been written about horse whisperers, dog whisperers, even ghost whisperers.  We are amused and amazed by King David’s capacity to speak to animals.  But what about God’s ability to speak to man?  Stubborn, self centered man?  Deaf man?  Is that not even more miraculous?  The God of Sinai whispered to eternity “Let there be light,” whispered to Adam “Where are you?”  He whispered to Moses from a burning bush and whispered through our ears into our hearts at Sinai the promise that He will not leave us alone.

Plato said it beautifully: "Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet." Those in love hear birds’ love songs to flowers. Those in love with God, see fires aglow and splitting seas around each corner, with each sunrise.

To my atheist friends, I say, the God you don't believe in, I don't believe in either.  But, Oh, if only you could be seduced by my God.

My God “Open my lips by a bit, so my soul can sing your praise to Eternity.”

As for a woman, whisper the right words, and you shall have the keys to heaven, but say the wrong ones and the garage is yours.

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