Jewish Journal

My Conversation with Love.

by Dr. Afshine Emrani

February 10, 2014 | 10:52 am

All night I wrestled you but you beat me.

In preparation for the upcoming day of Love, I address her.

I am tangled in your net, you tricked me.
I set to capture you in words, but you did me.
You deceiving Love, you conquer as you please.
You’re both disease and healer, so you tease me.
You're a false promise, my reason to live, and neither.
You pump my heart, crack it, too
You nourish and starve, with you I’m a griever.
All night I wrestled you but you beat me.
Love, you are God’s Angel and Satan, forgive me.
Your whisper helps me grow, then in pieces breaks me.
In your mirror, I see you,
not as you are,
But as I am, so I see me.
You are the great polisher of souls
In your grip I am putty, you shape me.
All things try to hold me back from you,
Even I, infected, hold me back from you.
Whatever your poison, I know I must drink up
Without you dead in minutes, with you in years, I must not give up.
You are that which dismantles, mends, shatters and heals me.
One moment overflowing, another bankrupt, you kill me.
My soul is wounded, bleeding under Your dome,
Love, be kind, hold my hand, and walk me home.

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