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“Superiors” Court our Protection from Circumcisions

by Pini Herman

June 21, 2011 | 8:23 am

Here’s my demographic cut on the circumcision controversy.

Why are some of the highest achieving, healthiest, sexually adjusted and fulfilled, “cutting edge” boys, Jews by Circumcision, now being advocated for by people who may not come up to these boys’ knees?

Its a bit like the “protection” the Germans gave Jews by keeping intact the Torahs and other religious and cultural items they confiscated in a Central Jewish Museum they perversely created in Prague during World War II.

Remembering his young days in the Soviet Jewry struggle, my fellow blogger, Edmon Rodman, feels a much closer threat now than when he was demonstrating outside a Bolshoi performance.

That protest was highly charged but we remained an orderly assembly. The threat seemed oceans away, and civil disobedience didn’t feel right. But here and now, if faced with breaking a law banning a bris, I would be a disobedient dad.

Edmon is advocating civil disobedience, but first let’s bring in our numerically strong first string, Jewish lawyers, who are eight times the national proportion in their field.

This issue leaves me truly perplexed as an American Jew.  Is this non-normative, repressed, anti-Semitism squirting out from a mantle of edgy political correctness?  Why don’t they take on infant ear piercings?

[See the follow-up comments about the “Foreskin Protectors” who have becomes fans of this blog]

Pini Herman serves as President of the Movable Minyan a lay-lead independent congregation in the 3rd Street area.

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