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Volume 30, Number 21

July 24-30, 2015

Cover of July 24-30, 2015 Jewish Journal

As the sun began to set over a Tel Aviv sports field, six athletes wrapped up their training session and gathered near the bleachers for their final pep talk.

Welcome sites for visiting athletes
Cover Story

Lucy Meyer has defied expectations since birth, when she was deprived of oxygen for five seconds and doctors predicted that she would, as a result, never spit or swallow.

Chessmasters: Israel and the Iran deal
Rob Eshman

Critics of the Iran deal unfailingly say that the American negotiators, including President Barack Obama, were no match for their wily Iranian counterparts.

Should American Jews show solidarity with Israel?
David Suissa

For as long as I can remember, American Jews who have opposed Israeli policies have justified it by pointing to a vigorous opposition inside Israel.

Republicans have the best bullies
Marty Kaplan

It’s too soon to know how badly Donald Trump damaged himself by belittling John McCain’s war record on July 18 in Iowa.

The cast of "Orange is the New Black"

The Emmys enter the age of ethnicity

The 2015 Emmy nominations and what they tell us about Hollywood's changing attitude towards ethnicity

U.S. President Barack Obama, photo by Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

The Iran deal: how to decide what to do now

The Obama administration is trying to convince its opponents that the agreement with Iran is a done deal.

Iran: ‘This deal is not the last step’

I have three identities: I’m Iranian, I’m American, and I’m Israeli.

Stop this Iran deal, get a better one

There’s an old Iranian joke: Ask an Iranian “What’s two plus two?” and he will answer, “It depends on whether I’m buying or selling.”

After Geneva, Iran’s nuclear deal remains a conundrum
Cover Story

Last month’s nuclear deal with Iran has set off a cacophony of pro and con acrimony pitting public officials, academic experts and pundits against one another. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the interim accord a “historic mistake.”

Israel, Arabs must break the Mullahs’ rise

The movie “Agora” captivatingly depicts the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria in 391 A.D.

Parsing the Jewish genome

Jewish law holds that Jewish identity is traced through the maternal bloodline, but history cautions us against the dangers of linking blood and religion.

Letters to the editor: Iran Deal, David Azouly, swastikas in D.C. and more
Letters to the Editor

I disagree with Rob Eshman’s opening paragraph, wherein he states that “nobody knows” what the end result will be with the Iranian deal (“The Iran Deal Gamble,” July 17).

Poem: Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha I

A poem by Jason Schneiderman.

Maccabi Games to play at Olympic venues built by Nazis

They are roaring through Europe, raising dust as they go: Jewish bikers bearing an Olympic-style torch all the way from Israel to Berlin.

Rising from the ashes

There’s an old Yiddish saying that reflects a foundational kabbalistic axiom: “After a fire comes wealth.”

God will be our visitor

The Jewish family is in a constant state of mourning.

Will the nuclear deal impact California’s sanctions against Iran? It appears not

As Congress debates whether to approve the Obama administration’s agreement to lift many of the United States’ sanctions against Iran in return for a temporary curb on its nuclear program, one particular paragraph in the 159-page deal has activists and politicians in California wondering how it could impact sanctions here in California — sanctions that may be valued in the billions of dollars.

Soraya Nazarian, AJU and the fine art of philanthropy
Los Angeles

Soraya Nazarian has been taking sculpting classes at American Jewish University (AJU) for more than 20 years.

L.A. Federation issues strong opposition to Iran nuclear deal
Los Angeles

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles released a statement July 21 expressing strong opposition to the recent nuclear agreement reached in Vienna on July 14 between Iran and the United States, European powers and China, also known as the P5+1.

Frozen in time: Why women don’t have to race the clock
Los Angeles

I’d heard of Tupperware parties and Botox parties — but I’d never heard of egg-freezing socials until I had the chance to attend one recently at Beverly Hills hotspot Via Alloro.

New law offers Sephardim right of return to Spain

On June 11, the government of Spain unanimously passed a law that attempts to right a historic wrong.

Moving and shaking: Singing at Dodger Stadium, JNET, Amos Horev and more
Los Angeles

Cantor Marcus Feldman of Sinai Temple sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium on July 7 as the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Philadelphia Phillies.

“The End of the Tour,” starring Jesse Eisenberg (left) and Jason Segel (right), is based on David Lipsky’s book about his five-day road trip/interview with author David Foster Wallace.

Margulies goes on the road with ‘End of the Tour’

The work of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and screenwriter Donald Margulies (“Dinner With Friends”) long has explored the struggles of the modern artist.

Ruth Weisberg exhibition captures timeless emotions

The fruits of Ruth Weisberg’s artistic career can’t fit in one room, but a new exhibition, “Ruth Weisberg: Reflections Through Time,” sure is doing its best.

Learning Hollywood in the Holy City

Rita (Yijing) Zhang, 22, of Beijing is navigating several historic “walls” as she builds her career as a filmmaker.

<em>Sun., July 26:

Calendar: July 24-30 
Picks and Clicks

From rags to riches, Sophie Tucker and her big personality paved the way for performers such as Madonna, Bette Midler and Lady Gaga.

Cancer took her limb, not her life

Veterinarian Erica Heim has no idea where her left arm is. It turned to ash, most likely, more than a decade ago.

Desert University is an oasis for medical research

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is Israel’s only university not found in the northern part of the country.

Slim your waistline, not your wallet

No need to spend money on a pricey gym membership or state-of-the-art home equipment — you can get a full-body workout for less than $35. With free online workout videos and reimagined childhood toys like Hula-Hoops and Frisbees, fitness can be affordable, portable and fun.

Theodore Bikel, actor, singer and activist, 91

Theodore Bikel, folk singer, actor, liberal activist, Zionist and multilinguist, died of natural causes July 21 at the UCLA Medical Center. He was 91.

Obituaries: Week of July 23

Affordable tips for decorating kids’ rooms

I have decorated a lot of kids’ rooms in my day. I love it.

Hebrew word of the week: Kavod

The term meaning honor and respect is very important in any society, but even more so in Middle Eastern societies.

Tonight, we do not study Torah: Parashat Devarim (Deuteronomy 1:1–3:22)
Torah Portion

For many years, Tisha b’Av was off the radar of the national Israeli narrative.

Last Week's Jewish Journal

July 24-30, 2015

Getting into the spirit of the Special Olympics; Remembering Theodore Bikel; Iran Deal aftermath

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