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Volume 30, Number 3

March 20-26, 2015

Cover of March 20-26, 2015 Jewish Journal

The gold and gray city of Istanbul spent Valentine’s Day bracing for snow. Under angry clouds, Turkish couples huddled around tabletops in the cafe quarter of Ortakoy, a historically posh neighborhood along the Bosphorus. . .

Israel’s Arab Spring
Rob Eshman

What made this election different from all other elections? The Arab vote.

Israel: Democracy in action
David Suissa

The messy and chaotic atmosphere that has permeated the election season in Israel has made it easy to overlook one simple fact – Israel’s neighbors are jealous of this very mess.

Schmaltz is gluten free
Marty Kaplan

If the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is saying that Kraft Singles are good for us, surely schmaltz is next.

Wisdom of layers: Reflections on the Collaboratory

“What am I supposed to wear to a ranch?”

Bereaved Israeli, Palestinian families talking — to each other

Approximately 13 years ago, I sat in a room in a house in Finchley, North London, on a winter Shabbat afternoon, with approximately 30 other people.

At UCLA, Zionophobia trumps anti-Semitism
Judea Pearl

In what should rightly be considered a major victory for Jewish students at UCLA, the undergraduate student government at its March 10 meeting unanimously passed “A Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism,” which specifically says that delegitimizing Israel is a manifestation of anti-Semitism.

Cartoon: Republican Slogans
Greenberg's View

Letters to the editor: The UCLA controversy and more
Letters to the Editor

I must respectfully disagree with the approach proposed by my good friend David Suissa in his column on UCLA: “Stop Fighting and Start Winning” (March 11, jewishjournal.com).

Posters of candidates, including Yair Lapid, left, of the Yesh Atid Party and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, blanket Tel Aviv’s streets on Election Day, March 17.  Photo by Simone Wilson

Netanyahu tzeh! But he is still with us…

Israel’s 2015 elections had little to do with policy.

L.A.’s financial support of Israel’s election
Los Angeles

The Los Angeles dollars—or shekels—spent may not have approached the amount Hollywood throws around for U.S. elections, but Jews in Los Angeles nevertheless managed to funnel about $175,000 into Israel’s party primaries this election cycle.

A man casts his ballot at a polling station in Bnei Brak on March 17. Photo by Stringer/Reuters

A day at the polls in Tel Aviv

Election Day is always a national holiday in Israel. School and work are canceled; cafes, sidewalks and shopping centers bust at the seams.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block: BDS ‘isn’t going to be sustained on this campus’
Los Angeles

Evidence of the concern within UCLA’s Jewish community stemming from recent events on campus could be seen on March 16 by UCLA Chancellor Gene Block’s visitors that day.

Backgammon ‘Shesh Besh’ smackdown

Upon visiting the high-stakes backgammon competition March 8 at Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, witnesses were welcomed by the sound of dice on board, the cursing of bad luck and the occasional exclamation of “shesh besh!”

Eden Memorial Park faces second suit
Los Angeles

Jewish cemetery Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills is facing a new, multimillion-dollar lawsuit related to allegations that it mishandled burial vaults, threw disrupted human remains into a pile on cemetery grounds and concealed potentially damaging information from its existing and potential customers.

Baseball and ‘bat’ mitzvah

A few weeks prior to his wedding last June, Jeremy Oberstein looked at his calendar and foresaw the possibility of a dangerous doubleheader: should his Adat Ari El team from Valley Village be fortunate enough to qualify for the championship of the Los Angeles Synagogue Softball league, the game would conflict with his wedding day.

Moving and shaking: USHMM’s annual Los Angeles dinner, Sally Drucker turns 100 and more
Los Angeles

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s (USHMM) annual Los Angeles dinner was themed “What You Do Matters.”

Graffiti artists draw on Jewish roots

Over the past week, two graffiti artists have been applying layers of bright orange and blue paint to an outdoor wall of the Silverlake Independent JCC.

Conney Conference poses a question that may have no answer

Is there such a thing as Jewish art?

Dance troupe Pilobolus brings collaborative vision to Malibu

There’s no such thing as a typical Pilobolus performance. The Connecticut-based dance troupe has collaborated with cartoonists, filmmakers, puppeteers, radio producers and children’s authors to create one-of-a-kind spectacles that take dance out of the traditional realm.

Shifting sands of truth unravel in ‘The English Bride’

As the play “The English Bride” begins, the audience is immediately thrust into a near cataclysm with a burst of police sirens and an announcement over a loudspeaker: “Attention! Attention! All passengers on El Al flight 1540 to Dusseldorf and Tel Aviv. The flight is canceled.”

Calendar March 21-27

Jewish Women’s Theatre presents the world premiere of “Uncuffed,” a salon theater experience with stories, short plays and music exploring what it means to be free, and how we break the ties that bind us when we are not.

Framing L.A.: The Jews who helped us to picture art

In the post-World War II years, Jewish businessmen figured out how to price and frame art so that almost anyone who wanted it would be able to afford it.

Young Jewish chefs stake their claims in Downtown L.A.
Los Angeles

Even newcomers to Los Angeles sense how the klieg lights are shifting in a different direction. Especially when it comes to what’s happening in restaurant kitchens around downtown.

When Harry met Lilly…
50 Plus

Rabbi Harry Roth will read this article aloud to his wife, Lillian, after it’s published.

Laughter is comedian’s fountain of youth
50 Plus

Legendary comedian Marty Allen, who turns 93 March 23, has a simple secret to longevity.

Survivor: Guta Peck

Guta Peck nee Kasz was sitting on the sole latrine inside her Auschwitz barracks one evening in early September 1944, when a drunken SS soldier picked her up.

Obituaries: Week of March 20th

Emily Lynn Alletto died Feb. 20 at 10. Survived by mother Jean Baum; father Peri (Kathleen); sister Sophia; grandfather Kurt (Ellen) Baum; grandmother Leah (Claus Wronker). Mount Sinai

Torah portion: The meaning of life
Torah Portion

Great thinkers have important things to say about the meaning of life. For the Greek philosopher Aristotle, it was that “man is a political animal.”

Nine ways to display your books on a shelf

I recently received a decorating S.O.S. call from a friend.

Poem: The Hebrew Word for Mysticism is the Same as To Receive

The poem, 'The Hebrew Word for Mysticism is the Same as To Receive.'

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March 20-26, 2015

Turkey's last Jews; Democracy in Action; Israel's Arab Spring

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