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Volume 30, Number 7

April 17-23, 2015

Cover of April 17-23, 2015 Jewish Journal

In early April 1945, Arthur Mainzer, barely 22, was a United States Army Air Forces cameraman assigned to documenting the war in Europe

The Iranian deal panic gap
Rob Eshman

Last week, Foreign Policy magazine released a poll of 921 scholars of international relations at colleges and universities across the United States.

Letters to the Editor: Obama, Iran and Jews in Egypt
Letters to the Editor

Over lunch, I read the April 10 issue of the Jewish Journal cover to cover.

Obama is selling us a lemon
David Suissa

It’s easy to be lulled or seduced by President Barack Obama’s confident demeanor. He always appears so reasonable.

Max Steinberg. Photo from Facebook

An update on a brave dead IDF soldier from Los Angeles and his six dead friends

In one of the most powerful moments in Omri Assenheim’s documentary about the battle of Shejaiya – a battle in which seven Israeli soldiers died last summer – Nir Holtzman, a survivor of that battle, doesn’t hesitate much when he says “yes, I would do it again.”

At Auschwitz-Birkenau, the silence and the song

Snow brings a strange silence. No more so than in the vastness of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where on Jan. 27 we all began several months of remembering the unfolding of the liberation of the Nazi camps 70 years ago.

Should Jews feel safe in America?

On March 30, the ADL released its annual report on anti-Semitic incidents in America, which announced a rise of 21 percent over the previous year — 912, up from 751.

Torah Portion: Parashat Shemini (Leviticus 9:1 11:47)
Torah Portion

The purpose of these commentaries is to provide Jewish Journal readers with a brief, general entree into the multifaceted study of Torah from different denominational perspectives.

Cartoon: Californians, conserve or die
Greenberg's View

Time for a kosher hot dog and a beer and Dodger baseball

Spring is upon us. The seders are over, the Iran problem endures. Romance is in the air and, with romance, some men’s and women’s hearts turn to baseball.

Clinton weighs loyalty to Obama, distinctions on Israel issues

Hillary Clinton does not appear until 90 seconds into the two-minute video rolling out her campaign.

Israel’s business community braces for sanctions

Just one week before the Israeli election, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat sent an angry letter to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

Obama, in meetings with Jewish leaders and donors, stresses how much he cares

Jewish leaders expected President Barack Obama to sell them hard on the Iran nuclear deal. Instead, participants in two White House meetings on Monday said he offered a softer pitch on how deeply he cares for Israel and the Jewish people.

Bible Marathon retraces path of 12 Tribes

Drumming Charedi musicians and uniformed soldiers are not the typical fans to pack an Israeli sporting event.

Who are you calling a ‘dirty hippie’?

“We’re here to freak the straight culture out,” David Bronner says excitedly, dressed in hemp sneakers and a gold foam helmet emblazoned with a red heart.

A taste of Morocco without leaving town

I remember six years ago being in Tarifa — on the southernmost coast of Spain, a 30-minute ferry ride to Tangier, Morocco — and being tempted to cross continents.

Looking good in those genes

Your day begins with a cup of joe, and to get through the afternoon, you’ll be gulping down a few more: There’s a gene for that.

Moving and shaking: Pioneer Women Award, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and more
Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women honored Molly Forrest, CEO and president of the Los Angeles Jewish Home, with the Pioneer Women Award during a ceremony March 27 at Los Angeles City Hall.

Passing an art legacy on to the next generation
Yom HaShoah

During the lengthy visits she would have with her great-uncle and great-aunt, David and Rivka Labkovski, at their home in South Africa, Leora Raikin — who was a young girl at the time — recalls these relatives being a bit eccentric.

Letters reveal a Jewish businessman’s struggle with family requests from Nazi Germany
Yom HaShoah

Although it was more than a decade ago, I still remember the phone call. The excited voice at the other end that went on and on regardless of whether I uttered a response.

‘The Last Girl at Victoria Station’ a Kindertransport story
Yom HaShoah

Every morning in 1936, Anne Forchheimer would bicycle to school, over a bridge in the German town of Coburg.

Tending the roots: Making meaning of the heritage of the Holocaust in my family

I am the grandchild of Holocaust survivors on my mother’s side. Both her parents survived with one sibling.

Survivor: Josef Kreitenberg

As the transport from Tacova, Czechoslovakia (then called Tecso, Hungary), pulled up to the Birkenau platform in late May 1944, the doors of the cattle cars slammed open.

L.A. Times Festival of Books is back for its 20th year

The publishing landscape has changed in ways that would not have been dreamed of back in 1996, when the Los Angeles Times invited readers and writers to gather for its first Festival of Books.

From left: Michael Finkel and James Franco on the set of “True Story.” Photo by Mary Cybulski

Truth is stranger than fiction in ‘True Story’

In February 2002, the disgraced New York Times journalist Michael Finkel was hiding out in his home near Bozeman, Mont...

West Coast Jewish Theatre takes the stage

Last year, Howard Teichman, the artistic director of the West Coast Jewish Theatre (WCJT), stood before the audience applauding the final performance of “The Whipping Man” and sorrowfully announced there would be no future plays — there simply was no more money in the kitty.

Conductor Joshua Weilerstein to debut with Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

In the old days, the conductor was king. Fritz Reiner, George Szell and Arturo Toscanini, for example, were leaders in the style of the film “Whiplash,” notorious for abusing musicians who didn’t meet their demands. But Joshua Weilerstein is one of a new breed of gentler, kinder conductors.

Calendar: April 18-24
Picks and Clicks

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a Westwood Village to raise an artist.

Ice scream, you scream, we all scream for kosher ice cream

Los Angeles is going through an ice cream renaissance.

Rethinking the ‘Birthright’: A trip to the Israel for adults
50 Plus

Birthright trips to Israel are the ultimate opportunity for young Jewish adults to get face-to-face with the places and history that shape their Jewish identity. But what about more mature adults who never got that chance?

Scoping out the senior scene
50 Plus

Why take Max Izenberg’s advice on what’s going on around town? Because the retired nutritionist knows what’s good for you.

Saving lives by monitoring chronic heart failure at home
50 Plus

Chronic congestive heart failure (CHF), which involves a weakening of the heart’s pumping power, is the primary cause of hospitalization in people older than 65, affecting about 26 million people globally.

Obituaries: Week of April 17

Norma Aratin died March 19 at 93. Survived by son Andy. Mount Sinai

Last Week's Jewish Journal

April 17-23, 2015

As a young combat cameraman, Arthur Mainzer filmed the liberation of Buchenwald and revealed the horror of the Holocaust to the world.

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