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Volume 29, Number 45

January 16-22, 2015

Cover of January 16-22, 2015 Jewish Journal

A dozen victims at a French newspaper, plus four hostages killed in a kosher grocery store: In France, it feels like the world is coming to an end.

Nous Sommes Charlie: This week we are Jewish Hebdo
Je Suis Charlie / Je Suis Juif

In 2008, I had a chance to make a statement in defense of satire, and I passed.

Tough love for Islam
David Suissa

We’re conditioned to respect all religions. But what happens when we’re confronted with a religion that looks more like a political ideology?

<em>People hold panels to create the eyes of late Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier, known as

The Paris rally:  Three questions
Dennis Prager

It was a very good thing that millions of French citizens and leaders from around the world gathered in Paris on Jan. 11 to declare “war” on what French President Francois Hollande called “radical Islam.”

Deborah Lipstadt on the roots of terror and anti-Semitism
Je Suis Charlie / Je Suis Juif

Deborah Lipstadt, author of the celebrated book “History on Trial: My Day in Court With a Holocaust Denier,” has eerily impeccable timing.

For embattled French Jews, mixed feelings about call to move to Israel
Je Suis Charlie / Je Suis Juif

French Jews are feeling embattled. Arsonists have targeted their synagogues, terrorists have attacked their schools and shops, and, with only a few exceptions, French society has not united behind them to stop the assaults and harassment.

Israelis bury French terror victims in the Holy Land

Less than a week after the murder of four French Jews in a kosher grocery store by an Islamic terrorist in Paris, the bodies of Yoav Hattab, 21; Yohan Cohen, 22; Philippe Braham, 45; and Francois-Michel Saada, 63; were flown to Israel for burial.

Freedom to offend: A collection of cartoons
Je Suis Charlie / Je Suis Juif

A 2012 cartoon by “Eliot” in the Qatari Al-Watan newspaper depicts a Jew driving with President Barack Obama’s head as a gearshift knob and the U.N. logo as his steering wheel.

<em>An edition of the satirical Harvard Lampoon from 1970 titled

How satire happens
Marty Kaplan

On May 4, 1970, when 29 Ohio National Guardsmen shot 67 rounds of ammunition at a group of unarmed Kent State University students protesting Richard Nixon’s expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia, killing four students and wounding nine others, I was the president of the Harvard Lampoon, the nation’s oldest college humor magazine.

Why religion is a laughing matter

Satire and caricature are funny things. The most effective satire makes us laugh – but then it also gives us something to chew on, to think about.

Why there’s no Charlie Hebdo in Israel
Je Suis Charlie / Je Suis Juif

In the hours that followed the deadly attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, cartoonists around the world paid tribute in the best way they knew how: through their own sketches.

Speaking truth to terror

In the wake of the acts of assassination and terror directed by Islamic extremists against the editor and cartoonists at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, a number of media news outlets, including CNN, Fox Cable, the Associated Press, MSNBC, ABC, the British-based Jewish Chronicle, and the New York Times, have elected not to show or republish the satirical images of Mohammed and other Muslims that appear to have prompted the violence.

50 Years after his visit, a multicultural homage to MLK
Los Angeles

When the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at a Shabbat evening service at Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH) in 1965, security was tight and sharpshooters manned the nearby rooftops.

Across L.A., Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, a Charedi, casts wide net

In his six-day visit to Los Angeles last week, Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau made some unlikely stops.

Rabbi Mark Diamond resigns as L.A. AJC leader
Los Angeles

Rabbi Mark Diamond, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee Los Angeles (AJCLA), announced Jan. 9 that he will step down at the end of February as AJCLA’s top professional.

Solidarity rally gathered Sunday at Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles

Carrying “Je Suis Charlie” signs, along with French and American flags and glowing candles, hundreds of people assembled outside of Los Angeles City Hall Jan. 11 to pay tribute to the 17 people killed in two terrorist attacks in Paris, on Jan. 7 and Jan. 9.

Israeli Foreign Ministry investigating consulate in L.A.
Los Angeles

The Inspector General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is investigating an employee matter at the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, although officials will not confirm the nature of the inquiry.

Pro-Palestinian billboards are popping up in Los Angeles
Los Angeles

More than 30 billboards displaying the late Nelson Mandela’s image and a quote from him supporting Palestinian rights have sprung up across Los Angeles.

Moving and shaking: Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny, BJE and more
Los Angeles

Temple Beth Am held an installation ceremony for Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny and recognized Associate Rabbi Ari Lucas on Dec. 13.

Jeffrey Siegel brings his ‘Keyboard Conversations’ to The Wallis

Sometimes, a stranger’s chance remarks can redirect and enhance a career.

‘Bulletproof Stockings’: Chasidic women rock

They keep kosher. They’re Chasidic. And they rock.

Can the ‘Creative Class’ survive?

The digital revolution has its winners and losers.

Calendar January 17-23

Featuring internationally renowned pianist Jeffrey Siegel, this concert-with-commentary includes not only delightful music, but also a captivating dialogue preceding piano masterpieces.

With help, local schools grow their endowments

The endowment at Oakwood School, a private, nonsectarian day school in North Hollywood, adds up to nearly $20 million.

Local education politics has a watchdog in LA School Report

With her strong background in journalism, Jamie Alter Lynton strongly considers the ethics of covering stories such as the hackers’ release of confidential information from Sony Pictures Entertainment, where her husband, Michael Lynton, is the chief executive.

Soulful Education program offers students, teachers personal meaning

With thousands of years of history, wisdom and tradition to impart, it’s easy for Jewish schools and educators to sometimes forget to take the time to reflect upon them.

‘Brain Death’ conference aims to educate about the disputed definition

When is dead really dead?

Gargle with gold to find oral cancer

Imagine buying a kit at your local pharmacy to test for oral cancer.

Sacvan Bercovitch, American Studies scholar, Yiddish translator, 81

Sacvan Bercovitch, an influential scholar in the field of American studies and a translator of Sholem Aleichem and other Yiddish writers, died Dec. 9 at 81.

Torah portion: Does Elijah really visit your seder table to sip wine?
Torah Portion

Parashat Va’era (Exodus 6:2-9:35).

Letters to the editor: Mensches, Rabbi Toba August, OAN and more
Letters to the Editor

The article “Female Rabbis at Forefront of Pioneering Prayer Communities” (Dec. 19) gave well-deserved recognition to women rabbis who have defined and inspired several previously unserved groups of Jews in the L.A. area and beyond.

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January 16-22, 2015

This week we are Jewish Hebdo; Je Suis Charlie; Je Suis Juif

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