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Volume 30, Number 25

August 21-27, 2015

Cover of August 21-27, 2015 Jewish Journal

If the 2016 presidential election were held today, Jewish voters nationwide would probably split 70-30 for the Democratic candidate, much as they did in 2012. Including the undecided respondents, 58 percent of American Jews prefer the. . .

Bernie has it.  Trump has it.  Joe has it.  Does Hillary?
Marty Kaplan

As Joe Biden polls family and friends about entering the presidential fray, he’s getting two kinds of advice – personal and political.

Hillary: Own the Iran deal
Rob Eshman

Laugh all you want, but the only Republican presidential candidate to have put forth a realistic position on the Iran nuclear deal is Donald Trump.

Iran deal: Anatomy of a rip-off
David Suissa

Why am I opposed to the Iran nuclear deal? Because I hate getting ripped off. I would hate to buy a great-looking car and find out the next day that the brakes don’t work.

David Gale with a Hollywood Heart camper. Photo courtesy of Camp Hollywood Heart

Hollywood Heart: Where kids with HIV spend their summers

The same verve, creativity and doggedness that helped David Gale get movies such as “Election,” “Jackass” and “Varsity Blues” into theaters he was applying to the operation of Camp Hollywood Heart, a free, weeklong arts camp for HIV/AIDS-impacted youth.

Israeli and American flags, photo by Reuters

The who-represents-American-Jews-on-Iran fallacy

The claim that Jewish organizations cannot speak on behalf of American Jewry on Iran is problematic

Dear Congressman Sherman: Your ‘no’ vote on Iran deal threatens Israel

In the least plausible alternative version of my life, I would have stayed in the San Fernando Valley rather than leaving more than 40 years ago and moving to Jerusalem.

To those who hear anti-Semitism when it is not there

I’ve learned a new term: “dog whistle.”

Rabbi counseling those at life’s thresholds shares her wisdom

“Rabbi” is derived from the Hebrew word for “my master,” which leaves a lot of room for describing what a rabbi actually does.

Letters to the editor: Steve Greenberg responds, Jewish charter schools, Jewish candidates and more
Letters to the Editor

In response to Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen’s letter in the Aug. 14 issue criticizing me for depicting the face of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement as “brown” (“Racial Disparities: Deliberate or Ignorant?”): This was not the way I drew him.

Cartoon: The wall of sanctions
Greenberg's View

Here’s why Hamas and Israel may be secretly negotiating

After more than a decade of failed diplomacy, Israel could be close to signing a major agreement with the Palestinians.

A story of modern slavery in Thailand

Hoping for a brighter future, Maung Htay, a Burmese migrant, left Myanmar when he was just a teenager.

In life-or-death legal dispute, modern medical ethics, Jewish law and civil law clash
Los Angeles

As David Stern, 61, an observant Orthodox Jew suffering from a rare neurodegenerative disease, lies conscious and hooked up to a respirator at the Providence Tarzana Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley, the hospital and lawyers for two of Stern’s children are battling to determine whether the hospital should remove Stern from life support

Remembering, honoring IDF’s lone soldier Steinberg, comrades
Los Angeles

“I just want to say, Max was my best soldier, and I loved him so much, and to be with you is like closure for me. It’s something you can’t explain in words.”

Cutting Edge Grants from the Jewish Community Foundation
Los Angeles

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles has named nine initiatives the recipients of its annual Cutting Edge Grants program, intended to support creative thinkers, social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations in the local Jewish community.

ADL preps community for High Holy Days security demands
High Holy Days

The three silent surveillance videos showed an all-too-disturbing sequence of events: First, a shooter carries a rifle into a supermarket in broad daylight; people flee the store and run for their lives.

Jenna Jameson on her new spiritual journey to Judaism

In a cozy apartment near The Grove, in the heart of Los Angeles, lives an unlikely couple.

Moving and shaking: LAPD show up for Torah-dedication, Far West USY reunion and more
Los Angeles

A Torah-dedication ceremony at the ultra-Orthodox Hancock Park synagogue Kollel Yechiel Yehuda drew about 400 people on Aug. 11 — including a number of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers.

Smooth sax player Dave Koz on a career that just ... happened

When jazz saxophonist Dave Koz’s “dream” car was stolen in 1997 after he stopped for five minutes to pick up a sandwich at a restaurant in the San Fernando Valley, it was perhaps the lowest point of his life.

Physician’s new book ‘Rhythms’ reveals The Personal Side of Medicine

Dr. Francine Kaufman is one of the world’s leading pediatric endocrinologists.

‘The Scarlet Stone’:  A 1,000-year-old epic transformed for the stage

Many years ago, back when he was a software designer and engineer, Shahrokh Yadegari never would have imagined he’d be premiering an interdisciplinary theater and dance piece.

Matisyahu calls festival cancellation ‘Appalling and offensive’

Jewish-American reggae singer and rapper Matisyahu spoke out against the organizers of a Spanish festival that canceled his performance because he refused to endorse Palestinian statehood.

Calendar: August 21-27

Stella Adler Lab Theatre Company’s workshop production of Tim McNeil’s new play “Isaac Babel and the Black Sea” opens tonight, a fictionalized look at the contradictions, mysteries and beauty of the life of Babel, the famous Soviet journalist and playwright who struggled to find his way in the Stalin-era Soviet Union.

Boyle Heights and City Terrace: Musical bridge to East L.A.

As the Los Angeles-based klezmer band Mostly Kosher began a summer afternoon concert at the Skirball Cultural Center on Aug. 9, few in the audience knew that what they were about to experience had roots in the Jewish neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and City Terrace going back more than 75 years.

A view from age 90
50 Plus

I recently had my 90th birthday, and from this elderly perch there are some observations I want to share on the most important lessons I have learned about living a full and gratifying life.

Embracing senior moments with humor, insight

Aging — and dying — may be an inevitability, but it need not be a tragedy.

Paul Goldenberg, ‘King of Big Screens’ and community philanthropist, 87

Paul Goldenberg, founder of Paul’s TV and widely recognized by his famous slogan, “I am the king!” died of natural causes on Aug. 13 at his La Habra home.

Obituaries: Week of August 21, 2015

P. Burton Bauer died July 12 at 88. Survived by wife Marilyn; daughters Jodi (Bill) Twomey, Leslie (Ted) Senet; 6 grandchildren; 1 great-granddaughter; sister Muriel Sachel. Groman Eden

Torah portion: Justice and mercy
Torah Portion

Judaism understands both mercy and justice to be divine attributes, and yet these two traits stand in direct contradiction.

Hebrew word of the week: Hazzay (weather) forecaster

Hebrew word of the week: Hazzay

Home: Five ways to trick out your backpack for school

For me, one of the perks of going back to school every fall was getting to start the year with a brand spanking new backpack.

Poem: Dante Lucked Out

A poem by David Lehman

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August 21-27, 2015

For now, Jews still leaning Democratic; Modern day slavery in Thailand; Jews of Boyle Heights

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