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  • The welcome enemy: Nazis in the U.S.

    By Jonathan Kirsch

    1 week ago

    One of the bitter facts of history is that the United States’ immigration quota for Germany and Austria went unfilled during the 1930s when hundreds of thousands of Jews were clamoring to escape the Third Reich. And further, when the war against Germany was finally won in 1945,...

  • Lisa Loeb’s new Chanukah song “Light”

    1 week ago

    Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb has just released an original Chanukah song called "Light." Telling the inspiring story of hope in the darkness, the song captures the essence of the metaphor of Chanukah that no matter how little there is left there is always hope. "I realized there aren't enough Chanukah songs this time of year, and I think that everyone has to find their light." 

  • Poem: Yeshiva in the Pale, January, 1892

    by Floyd Skloot

    1 week ago

    Early morning, as Cossacks on horseback

    circled the old wooden synagogue, chants

    seeped out like smoke through the walls. Black

    hatted elders inside shut their eyes and danced

    in circles of their own before the holy ark.

    Prayer deepened the air as one fat soldier nailed

  • Saba Soomekh discusses the hybrid identity of Iranian Jews in L.A.

    by Virginia Isaad

    1 week ago

    Saba Soomekh held up her book, “From the Shahs to Los Angeles: Three Generations of Iranian Jewish Women Between Religion and Culture,” revealing the image of a child bride on the cover. 

    It was her then-10-year-old great-grandmother on her wedding day.

    Speaking to a group of...

  • Nice Jewish guys finish first

    by Tess Cutler

    1 week ago

    Adam Cohen is in the business of nice Jewish guys.

    Back in 2009, Cohen (who considers himself a nice Jewish guy) was sick of seeing bulging pecs gracing calendar covers and finally asked, “Why does it always have to be chiseled firemen?”

    The Santa Monica man addressed his ...

  • Kirk Douglas, a poet at 98, gets personal

    By Tom Tugend

    2 weeks ago

    Kirk Douglas, born Issur Danielovitch, the son of an immigrant Russian-Jewish ragpicker, marked his 98th birthday on Dec. 9 by launching his 11th book.

    The legendary star of 87 movies (who can forget “Spartacus”?) can look back, in happiness and grief, on countless one-night...

  • What will New Republic exodus mean for American Jewish thought?

    by Anthony Weiss, JTA

    2 weeks ago

    Last week’s departure of most of the editorial team at The New Republic — including Franklin Foer, Leon Wieseltier, Judith Shulevitz and Julia Ioffe — didn’t just blow a hole in the landscape of American journalism. It also threw into doubt the future of what has long been...

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