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Libeskind-designed museum reflects surrealist Nussbaum’s art

by Cyndi Bemel

3 hours ago

A glass bridge serves as the gateway connecting existing buildings with a 2011 extension at the museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind. Photos by Cyndi Bemel

Just walking up to the Felix Nussbaum Haus in Osnabrück, Germany, is a breathtaking experience. The building’s unconventional design of sharp angles, zigzagging windows and mixture of... read full article

  • Clandestine love affair fuels “My Old Lady” directed by Israel Horovitz

    by Iris Mann

    4 hours ago

    The painful rippling effects of a clandestine love affair are explored in the movie “My Old Lady,” which marks the film directorial debut of noted playwright Israel Horovitz, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is based on Horovitz’s play of the same name, which has enjoyed...

  • Israeli director Ari Folman’s new film ‘The Congress’ is visually stunning

    By Tom Tugend

    4 hours ago

    Israeli director Ari Folman’s “The Congress” is “a visual masterpiece that will be studied and revered for generations,” one critic writes.

    Another critic took a quite different view of the film, declaring, “Ambition outstrips achievement … [it is] a visionary piece of...

  • Meet the Jewish founders of Tinder

    By Jared Sichel

    4 hours ago

    Finding dates used to require approaches such as hiring matchmakers, signing up for dancing and cooking classes, attending synagogue, asking friends for help, or, for the least energetic, merely creating a cursory profile on sites such as JDate.

    But now, thanks to apps such as...

  • Adrien Brody performs tricks, shticks of the Great Harry Houdini

    By Tom Tugend

    4 hours ago

    Erik Weisz, son of an unsuccessful immigrant rabbi from Hungary, settled in Appleton, Wis., became a world-famous magician and escape artist and changed his name to Harry Houdini.

    He always liked to live on the edge. In one spat with his wife, Bess, he told her, “I’d rather...

  • Florida: Schoolboy on break

    by Joshua Weiner

    5 hours ago

    Eager to make a catch, any catch he can,

    he grips the rod and sets eye on the bobber;

    imagining the strike, he wants to reel it in

    to see what’s lurking in the water.

    The intracoastal avenue is calm

    until bridge jaws open to let a tall mast pass;

    he loves the clap of...

  • Zara ‘sorry’ for t-shirt that looks like Nazi camp uniform


    6 hours ago

    Global fashion chain Zara, owned by Spain's Inditex, pulled from sale on Wednesday a striped children's top decorated with a large six-pointed star after it was likened to uniforms worn by Jewish concentration camp inmates in Nazi Germany.

    The shirt, bearing horizontal blue and...

  • Yiddish tango links time, space and musical styles

    by Anthony Weiss

    1 day ago

    The music that packs the Skirball Cultural Center’s stately courtyard – Yiddish tango – is a musical hybrid twice over.

    On the tango side, it is a blend of African-born rhythms and a potpourri of European music styles. On the Yiddish side, it combines mournful liturgical...

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