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Business Plan Bootcamp

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This workshop is for all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who wish to avoid wasting time, effort and money while establishing and operating their new venture, regardless of whether you intend to self-fund or seek outside capital to grow your business.

Conduit Consulting’s Business Plan Workshop focuses on potentially high-impact aspects that, when well-conceived, typically lead to business success. Conversely, when these aspects are poorly conceived, generally the business fails or never launches.

Topics Include:

• WHY your Business Plan is one of your most important tools (Use it to control costs, mitigate risks and position for success)

• WHICH specific elements are imperative in your Business Plan

• WHAT business decisions you must make (and the consequences of choosing not to decide)

• HOW to develop the Business Plan
> Developing reasonable future scenarios
> Forecasting Sales, Productivity and Financial
> Organizing Business Plan elements
> Determining the details—Making decisions in uncertainty
> Weighing Full Disclosure vs. TMI (“Too Much
> Ensuring quality

• WHERE and WHEN to share the Business Plan (and how to protect it)

Conduit Consulting’s Business Plan Workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs position their businesses to embrace today’s opportunities plus provide a forum for participants to meet and network. The Workshop is structured to provide a safe and supportive environment for working through strategic decisions while developing executable and investment-worthy business plans.

Our approach will help you reduce risk of failure by adopting strategies and developing robust plans effective in today’s business environment. You will gain fresh perspective, strategic insights and relevant guidance from expert Business Strategist and Corporate Development Specialist Jillian Alexander, who has extensive experience successfully positioning companies to launch, grow and achieve sustainable results. Jillian will guide you through developing your business plan—one intended to position your company on the road to success. In addition to outlining the structure and elements important to each party interested in your company’s business plan, Jillian will convey the crucial decisions you must make, teach you how to make those decisions, plus share insights gained from her experience and provide candid feedback to help you devise an appropriate plan.

Registration includes 45-minute post-workshop One-on-One Business Plan Review & Feedback session.

As most participants will need time beyond to complete business plans, included in your registration fee is a 45-minute One-on-One post-workshop business plan review and feedback session. This session can be scheduled once your business plan is ready for review.

Combined Business Plan Workshop and Review Fee: $499

REGISTER TODAY by emailing events@conduitconsulting.com
or calling (310) 260-9765. Seating is limited to afford providing individual advice in a safe environment. No two participants with competing businesses will be accepted to participate in the same session.


About speaker Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA;, CHRC
Founder and Managing Director, Conduit Consulting LLC

Business Strategist and Corporate Development specialist Jillian Alexander has more than 25 years Management and Client Service experience with companies which seek to remain or become MARKET LEADERS and TREND SETTERS.

Jillian’s client-specific confidential advice and efforts leading strategic initiatives have resulted in award- winning business plans and marketing campaigns; in-demand products and services; start-ups achieving successful exits or continually operating as going-concerns; developing ventures and increasing sales in emerging markets; improving productivity, increasing profitability, plus enhancing enterprise and shareholder value via workflow improvements and reorganizations; and clients realizing more than $3.4 billion in value via completing acquisitions, private placements, IPOs, and divestitures she managed.

Based on her experiences and observations when managing businesses in addition to advising on and leading strategic initiatives and deal-making in Corporate Development roles at SONY and on behalf of PricewaterhouseCoopers and its clients, in 2002 Jillian founded Conduit Consulting LLC to provide Strategy, Transaction, and General Management advice and support services customized to address each client’s unique goals and current capabilities, and, in 2013, she founded the Southern California Business Innovation meetup group to connect collaborative and success-oriented entrepreneurs.

About Conduit Consulting LLC

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Conduit Consulting LLC provides confidential, client-specific Corporate Development—Strategy, Transaction, and General Management—advisory and support services. Clients have included Fortune 100 public corporations, government agencies, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and early-stage entrepreneurs spanning diverse industries including BioPharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Entertainment, Financial Services, High Technology, Professional Services, Real Estate, Retail, Travel and other diverse industries.




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