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The Top Tech Initiative - “Creating Tomorrow’s Education Today”

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The Top Tech Initiative - “Creating Tomorrow’s Education Today”

Hear firsthand from Dr. Amnon Eldar, Director General of the AMIT Network of 108 schools & 25,000 kids and “Israel’s Educator of the Year”

WHEN: Sunday, November 18th at 11am
WHERE: Milk n’Honey 8837 W.Pico Blvd
COST: $36, must rsvp by Nov 12th

For more information or to make a reservation please call Michal Taviv-Margolese at 310-859-4885 or email michalt@amitchildren.org
Click here to see the flyer: http://www.amitchildren.org/eblasts/2012/LAAmnonEblast/LAAmnon18Eblast.html

For the past twenty years, Israel has been at the forefront of the technological revolution with hundreds of start-up companies, new inventions, and major contributions in biotech, software, pharmaceuticals, and advanced defense systems. Today, Israel has the highest concentration of technology companies in the world outside of Silicon Valley. Yet despite all this accomplishment, recent international student assessment exams have shown that Israeli students rank 36th in literacy and math and 41st in sciences out of 64 industrialized countries.

This has to end and the AMIT TopTech Initiative will begin the educational renaissance in Israel. The Ministry of Education has committed 5 million shekels (over five years) to implement the AMIT TopTech Initiative.

AMIT TopTech can be considered nothing less than an educational revolution. With new ways of learning and teaching, this innovative approach will transform education across Israel. Abandoning the idea of “traditional schooling,” the AMIT TopTech Initiative (ATTI) provides students with unique opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills to survive and succeed in the 21st century global economy.

ATTI will include collaborative, game-based learning and flip learning (flip learning encompasses any use of internet technology to leverage the learning in a classroom, so a teacher can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing).

More info on the Top Tech Initiative here:

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