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The Other F Word

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“The Other F Word is a play that shows how a tiny thing like a pen can transform people’s lives forever,” said playwright Alyson Mead. “I was inspired by today’s social and political activism, often done online, where people may never meet one another face to face. In following four characters through a shared experience like the one depicted in the play, I was pleasantly surprised by where they led me.”
The Other F Word is about four strangers who meet one afternoon at a focus group tasked with marketing pens specifically designed for women. Daniel, Carol, Roxanne and Evie each have a unique story to tell, but will they find common ground at the conference table, or allow their beliefs to divide them forever? What happens when people decide to put human beings before marketing? The Other F Word answers those questions in a funny, moving and ultimately empowering comedy.
The play will run for four performances at the Lounge Theater during the Hollywood Fringe Festival.
Sunday, 6/09 @6pm
Saturday, 6/15 @ 4pm
Tuesday, 6/18 @ 6pm
Sunday, 6/23 @ 12pm

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