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THE FOOLS - Moliere’s racy comedy EXTENDED!

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“GO!” raves LA WEEKLY. “100% SWEET” exclaims Bitter Lemons. “Best Bets!” exclaims L.A. Times, “Barnum and Bailey mixed with Monty Python, with flights of verbal artistry and plentiful belly laughs.” It’s the internationally acclaimed Rudie-DeCarlo musical THE FOOLS, a romantic, ever-so-slightly naughty comedy filled with laughter, intrigue, sword play and racy musical numbers, based on Moliere’s delightful confection, Les Facheux, Critics’ Pick in Backstage West, extended by audience demand. Perfect summer fare presented by the renowned Actors’ Repertory Theatre in true Commedia dell’arte style – the 17th Century’s counterpart to Saturday Night Live. THE FOOLS features Serena Dolinsky, Evelyn Rudie, Garett Stevens and Alison Blanchard, with Zack Medway as the love-struck hero and Chris DeCarlo in the dual role of Moliere and the mischievous manservant La Montaigne. “THE FOOLS” asks the burning question, “Which of us are the bigger fools—those of us who play our foolish games upon the stage…or those of you who pay your hard earned francs to watch us do it?” Find out for yourself weekends at Santa Monica Playhouse. The Outlook proclaims, “Laughing-out-loud funny!...Truly a feast for the senses!” You’ll laugh. You’ll laugh. And then you’ll laugh some more. The Valley Vantage raves, “Is there anything the small-in-size, big-in-talent Santa Monica Playhouse can’t do? In the 16 years I’ve been reviewing their productions – ranging from adult comedies to gripping dramas to children’s fairy tales to musical shows – I’ve been awed by their consistent ability to present entertaining theatre. And THE FOOLS is no exception, a show with great potential to become a national, even Broadway, hit show!”  Saturdays at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 4:30 PM. Dani Margolies of Arts in LA announces, “Commedia dell’arte is alive and thriving!” Special discount prices for groups of 8 or more – the perfect weekend theatre experience for you and your whole group of friends. Saturdays at 7:30, special early bird show Sundays at 4:30.

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