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An evening of true, funny stories about New York, being Jewish, family and the power of a bowl of Cream of Broccoli soup. In this hilarious and touching play, attorney Howard Smith practices in the courtroom of life arguing the case that happiness is overrated. It’s the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Honest. Written and performed by Howard Smith. Howard had a normal childhood and a good relationship with his parents. He grew up in Queens, New York and moved to California to attend Law School.  He’s a licensed attorney who enjoys it so much he does stand-up. He has performed his own brand of stand-up comedy throughout California, in New York and a few places in between. He has been making the transition to becoming a serious actor and for the past two years has been featured in the long running hit Sex, Relationships and Sometimes . . . Love at the Actors Playpen. He is currently seeking representation, and a little piece of mind. A sell-out hit when it performed at the Playhouse in 2011 and 2013, “The Case Against Happiness” is back for one performance only! Creative Consultant Wendy Hammers (Sopranos, Curb your Enthusiasm, Bernie Mac, creator of The Hungry and Horny Show). Produced by Local 3 Productions. All proceeds go to the Santa Monica Playhouse Benefit Campaign.

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