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RAISE ME UP - A World Premiere Romantic Comedy

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Mega-celebrity Martin Short calls it “An unforgettable love story with humor and heart.” Renowned playwright Jerry Mayer echoes, “A comedy with heart you’ll never EVER forget. Fabulous!” It’s Lisa Phillips Visca’s RAISE ME UP - a true story about a “moonstruck” couple’s forbidden love, the hilarity and drama from their deeply passionate Italian-Greek families, and how they spent their last day on Earth together. Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe in eternal love? By the time the final curtain falls, you’ll believe. RAISE ME UP is Lisa Phillips Visca’s joyful and touching tribute to her parents, Louis and Daphne Padula, capturing their eternal passion and the surreal ending to their classic love story. 

Set in Staten Island in the early 1950’s, RAISE ME UP reflects the post-war optimism of the younger generation of the era, and the hope in the air for better times juxtaposed against the older generation and parents still anchored in traditional ethnic, nationalistic, economic, and religious divisions, divisions that mirror the uncertainty of today’s political and economic times where the younger generation is fighting its own battle to hold on to that same hope, to fulfill their dreams, and to share their lives with a partner of their choosing.

Written by Lisa Phillips Visca (Sophia; Turning Thirty & More than a Pretty Face; Climax) and helmed by internationally acclaimed director Chris DeCarlo (Arnold Schulman’s Sleeping Ugly; Jerry Mayer’s Aspirin & Elephants; Robert B Parker and Stephen King’s RAGE), RAISE ME UP features stage and screen personalities Marla Adams (The Young and the Restless; The President’s Man; A Little Night Music), John Del Regno (Born on the 4th of July; Joan of Arcadia, Without a Trace), Serena Dolinsky (Moliere’s The Fools; Moonlight Madness; Love in Bloom), Ben Feuer (All God’s Creatures; Murder by the Book; Of Mice and Men), Mitch Lerner (40 Days and Nights; Super Cyclone; The Big Douche Chill), Michael Marinaccio (Li’l Tokyo Reporter; The Online Gamer; Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding), Lenora May (Confessions of a Shopaholic; Mistresses on ABC, Scandal), Stuart Pankin (Not Necessarily the News; Fatal Attraction; The Artist; Desperate Housewives), Evelyn Rudie (Audition: The Musical; Funny, You Don’t Look Like A Grandmother; Author! Author!), and Joey Shea (One Life to Live; The Practice; As The World Turns).

You’ll laugh…You’ll cry…You’ll never forget this spellbinding true love story.

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