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One Day University

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Join us on the gorgeous Santa Monica beachfront for fact-filled mini-sessions with TAU’s academic all-stars. Continental breakfast and lunch (dietary laws observed). Parking is included.

Why is Stem Cell Research Taking So Long to Change Everything?
Embryonic stem cells hold enormous promise for treating just about every human disease, but they’re notoriously “promiscuous.” The search to turn them into a safe and reliable therapeutic tool has been filled with blind alley — but you’ll be surprised to learn we’re closer than you think.

Can We Predict Tomorrow’s Superquakes?
When and where will the next Big One happen? Quakes are notoriously hard to predict, but today’s scientists are using high-tech to develop reliable advance information to save lives and property. Learn about the latest advances from a world-renowned climatologist.

Tradeoffs: Israel’s Defense, Welfare and Education Spending
The call for early elections in Israel was a direct result of the Knesset’s inability to agree on a new budget. Prime Minister Netanyahu cited “the greatest security challenges we have known.” Opposition Leader Mofaz countered that Israel is “hungrier and more frightened.” The people will speak on January 22. Learn about the big winners and losers from a distinguished analyst.

Who Are You, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi?
Virtually unknown abroad before winning Egypt’s presidency in June 2012, Time magazine just named Dr. Mohamed Morsi the most important politician in the Middle East. Many Egyptians don’t agree.  Just who is this controversial member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Go behind the scenes with a distinguished TAU scholar.

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