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Midrash & Creative Writing Class

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Midrash is the art of writing stories to explain narrative lapses in the Torah.  So many stories we think of as “Bible” stories are actually midrashim.

• Who remembers Abraham destroying idols in his father’s idol shop?
• Who remembers stories of Moses as a young boy in the Pharaoh’s palace?
• Who remembers Miriam bringing water to the people when they were thirsty? 

These stories were written by the rabbis to clarify and deepen the meanings of our Torah. Today, modern Midrash is being written in the form of novels, plays, poems and short stories.  Writing Midrash is an art form open to all. 

In this class, you’ll examine how the rabbis and modern day writers have used and continue to use their creative writing skills to explain the deeper meanings of Torah, and you’ll write your very own modern-day midrashim. 

Come prepeared to write and to share! 

This class is taught by Hollywood screenwriter Alex Litvak (Predators, The Three Musketeers) and Rabbi Jon Hanish.

Three Mondays, every other week starting 4/22 and ending 5/20
(4/22, 5/6 and 5/20)

COURSE FEES:  $18 for Temple Members, $36 for others

RSVP to tkosloy@koltikvah.org or call 818-348-0670 ex 214

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