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Magic, Ritual and Healing in Ancient Egypt

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On April 22 and 29, and May 13 and 21, the California Museum of Ancient Art will host “Magic, Ritual and Healing in Ancient Egypt,” a multi-media lecture series by a veritable “Who’s Who” of global experts. The series will explore the power and world-view of Ancient Egypt, which flourished for over 3,000 years—and still exerts its influence on us today.  Among the presenters is Dr. Betsy Bryan of Johns Hopkins University, who will discuss the excavation she directs at the Temple of the Goddess Mut in Luxor, Egypt, including exciting discoveries about the “Festival of Drunkenness,” a key ceremony in the Egyptians’ journey to the afterlife.  A second lively, illustrated talk by Dr. Benson Harer, “Coping with Women’s Health Concerns in Ancient Egypt,” will focus on how ancient Egyptian women met their biological challenges—including contraception, infertility and childbirth—with surprisingly pragmatic solutions combined with magic and religion.  Plz contact our website for more information about these two talks, as well as the two others that round out the series: “Magic at the Creation: the Theory and Practice of Egyptian Religious Ritual” by Dr. Robert Ritner, and “Isis, Great of Magic, from Pharaonic to Roman Times” by Dr. Francesco Tiradritti.

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