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Jewish Holidays: A 21st Century Secular/Cultural Approach

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The Sholem Community presents a lecture discussion series exploring the origins and evolution of Jewish holidays. Do current observances fill our needs? Where do we go from here? This series will combine factual background with wide-ranging discussion of traditions among our multi-generational, intercultural communities. Hosted by scholar Hershl Hartman and taking place five Sunday mornings during October 2012 - March 2013. 

While adults attend the talk, Sholem’s nonreligious Sunday school for children 4-14 years old will be in session from 10:00 am - 12:15 pm.  The school program offers a curriculum emphasizing Jewish history, culture, traditions, and the progressive ideals that shape our identity and values as a people. If you’d like your child/ren to sit in on a class, please contact principal Julie Gamberg by email at: julie@sholem.org so she may make arrangements. 

Sholem also offers a thoughtful, creative, and personalized bar/bat mitzvah program; opportunities for teenagers to take responsibility for helping run the community as teachers’ assistants, music leaders, and more; our monthly “Bagels ‘n Blox” parent/toddler group, various presentations and social activities for adults and young adults Sunday mornings, as well as meaningful secular holiday observances at various locations citywide throughout the year.

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