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Drink, Eat and Have Sex! Can Jews Practice Moderation?

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Jews are encouraged to drink, eat, and have sex. While it is exciting to know that these very physical things can be a source of spiritual celebration, we know that these are three major areas where addicitive behaviors tend to creep up. You are invited to the LA Moishe House to explore the theme of substance and behavioral addiction as they intersect with Jewish ritual. Ariela Emery, LA Moishe House resident will help us to frame this discussion in the context of her supportive Moishe House community. Our main question is: how can we form healthy relationships with addictive substances, like alcohol and caffeine, and behaviors, like pleasure and attention seeking? We will review the signs and symptoms of addiction and some practical Jewish steps to stay in control of them. We will also consider how to help someone else who is struggling with addiction.

Zvi Bellin

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