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Bald Soprano > The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco directed by Jamie Sweet

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Opening Friday, 10 May 2013, we have The Bald Soprano & The Chairs, written by Eugene Ionesco, and directed by Jamie Sweet.  Eugene Ionesco was the Grandfather of the Absurdist movement.  He wrote luminary plays such as Rhinoceros, The Future Is In Eggsand The Killer.  Along with Samuel Becket, Albert Camus and Harold Pinter; Ionesco forced us to look at something he called Imaginative Truth, a sort of artistic freedom from the narrow, over-defined truths we generally live by.  The Garage and Alive Theatre (In Collision) are proud to present two of this austere playwright’s works, The Bald Soprano & The Chairs, in the style of a long form play with a segue in the middle (there will be an intermission…of sorts)

For many years The Garage Theatre’s co-founder Jamie Sweet has been an immense fan of Mr. Ionesco’s work.  He has been marinating, musing and mulling over the idea of using The Bald Soprano as a vessel to examine our modern American value system, as well as explore the darker, Id based nature of humans in general.  With its basic play structure rooted in the odd intricacies of the English language, The Bald Soprano is a perfect platform for a ‘snap shot’ look at our modern ideals. Whereas The Chairs, with it’s ever growing gala of invisible people, provides the stark counter-point to the vibrancy and life we see in The Bald Soprano.  Empty memories of a time long gone are all that is left of humanity as the last two people on Earth reminisce through the fragmented memories of the lives they no longer lead.

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