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Gibson’s Defenders Aren’t Hearing Him Right

by Michael Tolkin

Posted on Aug. 10, 2006 at 8:00 pm

Mel Gibson's defenders don't understand the essence of Jew hatred, that it's a projected fantasy, and that the Jews Gibson hates are not real Jews or real people, they're all the Jews he doesn't know; the Jews he likes are exceptions to a fantastic image of the world around which his entire personality and perilous state of mental equilibrium is wrapped. That Gibson's Jewish friends in Hollywood are nothing like the monster Jews of this exhausting fantasy has put the man in a psychological bind that only tequila can resolve. Some of his best friends are Jews, and one of their best friends is a Jew hater.

This son of a Holocaust denier says that his father never lied to him. His protests always sound forced. On the evidence of the real Jews he works and plays with, Gibson knows his father is a lying evil nightmare and is scared of being punished by him. This is kind of quaint; he's got half a billion dollars and he's still afraid that if he disagrees with Daddy, Daddy's going to take off his belt and whomp on his butt. The evidence of the experience of sexualized brutality for standing up to power is all over his films. The execution scene in "Braveheart" and most of "The Passion of The Christ" wallow in torture and blood, so beyond the needs of story that these scenes become the justification for the story, which is a fair way to define porn.

Separate these scenes from the films and you'll see that Gibson's fetish is all male BDSM with plenty of leather. Since Gibson fantasizes punishment, which expresses his deepest wish, Hollywood Jews who have been quiet did the right thing by not playing Rough Tough Daddy Bear. Let Gibson beg for chastisement, let him call and beg to be told he's been a bad boy, a very bad boy, who needs to be stripped in public and whipped. I'll never give in.

He can put on a little French maid's costume and crawl on the floor while I'm watching nothing but Bruce Willis films, and that still won't get me out of the chair.

The Jews who defended "The Passion" against those of us who, publicly, called him out for what he is, probably owe an apology, but in a time of worse problems, we should practice the suppression of squabble. As for Mel Gibson, until he honestly faces the truth about the demented ravings of his pathetic father, nothing he says will be anything other than the orchestrations of his corrupted publicity machine. Since he believes in the most ornate and painful Hell, let him go there. Or let him work the steps of his recovery one day a time, for at least 10 years, before he even thinks about amends.

Until then, ignore him. Tracker Pixel for Entry


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