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Its Not Always About Iran and the Palestinian Issue

by LW Ben Yechezkiel

July 5, 2012 | 12:16 pm

Sometimes its good to have a reality check on the main current events in Israel seen here rather than through the prism of the world media, the jewish media and American Jews’ perspective on Israel.

Just like the summer social protests of last year had nothing to do with the Palestinian issue or Iran so too the current crisis that may lead to the breaking up of the 5 week old coalition 94 (out of 120) governing coalition. Perhaps Time magazine was a little premature in crowning f an all powerful King Bibi. The possible breakup is over the issue of “sharing the burden ” referring to the enlisted of now exempt haredi yeshiva students into military or national service.

Those interested in the details can turn to the english language websites of haaretz and yediot acharanot…or the hebrew ones, You can also watch a full broadcast of the evening news as well as an English news report from Israel’s channel 1 (israel broadcasting authority_..

Amongf those pushing hardest for reform include the group congregated in” ohel ha freirim” at kikar rabin in Tel Aviv that’s roughly translated as “tent of the chumps” . There’s probably nothing Israelis want to avoid than being a “frier”.
One motto to avoid being a freyer is ” never pay retail”...which likely explains why to an Israeli ( in Israel of in LA ) every price is negotiable.

I thought I would just mention the issue here.

Two interesting pictures here.

The first an ad for a demonstration saturday night with the major headline “we are tired of being friers”  the rest of the text is highly political so I’ll leave the translation to others.

The second a wry commentary on Bibi and Mofaz the caption is Bibi telling Mofaz “I’ll call you a cab”.

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