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Skip the Socks, Think Sushi Candles

by Leora Alhadeff

Posted on Dec. 11, 2003 at 7:00 pm

What do you get the person who has everything? There is always someone on your list that gives you a hard time, the person who would appreciate something more creative and less generic. The chocolate gift baskets are too businessy and the gift certificate is too impersonal. So what to do? Get the gift that screams Jewish festivity and thoughtfulness; the gift that is kitchy, creative and will surely be a conversation piece at your Chanukah celebration.

Harvey Magila: All you have to do is clap your hands and Harvey Magila will do the rest. This sonic-activated doll in full rabbi regalia sings and shimmies to "Hava Nagila." Young or old, this gift will make you laugh your latkes off. $14.99. www.incrediblegifts.com .

The Hanukkah Candle Kit: The perfect gift for an adult that needs to get back into the holiday spirit or a child that loves arts and crafts. There is nothing like making your own candles to get you all excited for Chanukah. The kit comes with wicks, glitter and colored beeswax -- enough for all eight nights of Chanukah. The instruction book also has the story of Chanukah (for anyone who needs reminding), sing-along songs and other fun projects. $19.95. www.runningpress.com .

Hanukkah Autograph Dog: Are you going to a Chanukah party and sick of bringing along a boring bottle of wine? You'll be the most creative of the bunch with this Hanukkah Autograph Dog. Pass it around the party and have each guest sign it with a cute note as a keepsake. Memories are always the best gift for the person who has everything. $11.95. www.judaicaspecialties.com .

Whimsical Five Piece Spreader Set: For the person who loves artsy serving pieces, make it a little wacky with this dreidel spreader set. The four spreaders with doll handles display nicely in their dreidel holder and make putting applesauce on your latkes a little more fun. $15. www.judaicaworldwide.com .

Catnip Gefilte Fish and Kosher Dog Bone: Forget the new ball of yarn and the rawhide bone, this year get your kitty a Gefilte Fish Catnip Plush Toy, and your pup a Kosher Plush Bone. Both toys squeak and will remind your furry friends that they, too, can celebrate Chanukah. Fish: $3.95. www.judaism.com. Bone: $6.99. www.stupid.com .

Chan-U-Cats Musical Collectible: Singing cats may be a bit cheesy, but it's the holidays -- so anything goes. Chan-U-Cats is the perfect gift for someone who loves kitchy collectibles. If your auntie is sick of crystal dreidels and is difficult to please, the kippah-wearing cat quartet that sings "The Dreidel Song" will put you on her good side. $26.95. www.judaicaspecialties.com .

Menorah & Dreidel Plush Toy: The ultimate plush toy for the Jewish child. Count down the nights of Chanukah with numbered plush candles and then turn the menorah into a dreidel. Kids will love this interactive toy and it will help them learn numbers, too. $32. www.judaicaworldwide.com .

Sushi Roll Candles: Everyone loves candles and they fit the holiday theme, but make them unique this year. For your friend who loves candlelight, but doesn't need another ordinary one, get the sushi roll candle set. Made of 100 percent beeswax, these hour-long lasting candles look edible in their container -- and come complete with chopsticks. $20. www.flaxart.com .

Hanukkah Pocket: The Hanukkah Pocket is the Jewish version of the stocking stuffer. It's not red and it won't hang off the mantel, but it has eight pockets to fill with small gifts for each night. The velvet pockets are embroidered with gold threading, so them fill up with dreidels, candles, gelt and maybe your grandmother's latke recipe. $23. www.judaicaworldwide.com .

The Jewish Golf Ball Set: For the golfing enthusiast, this set of Chanukah golf balls adds nicely to his or her collection. A little fun and outlandish, you can use them in a game or display them at your holiday feast. $28. www.judaicagiftstore.com .

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