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Eight Crazy Lights

by Leora Alhadeff

Posted on Dec. 18, 2003 at 7:00 pm

A kosher menorah can be fashioned out of any material, so why not get creative? During the Festival of Lights we light the Chanukah menorah -- a modern-day symbol of the candelabra used in the Temple, also known as a chanukiah -- to commemorate the miracle of the oil and to celebrate the victory of the Macabbees. In the tradition of Pirsum Ha'ness, broadcasting the miracle of Chanukah, why not place a menorah that speaks a little bit about you on your windowsill?

With these creative pieces you won't sacrifice Jewish ritual. The eight candleholders are equidistant and aligned, making them kosher for lighting. So buy yourself some dripless candles, and instead of lighting the traditional eight-branch, kindle one of these proudly from left to right each and every Chanukah night!

1. A menorah made for the solider wanna-be. Show your solidarity with the Israeli army and light this Israel Defense Forces menorah, complete with tanks, helicopters and jets.

$50. www.alljudaica.com .

2. Perfect for the Little Leaguer in the family. Each of the eight ceramic candleholders is a baseball with a miniature character swinging in the background.

$13.99. www.anymenorah.com .

3. Now if you find yourself away for Chanukah, you don't have to take one of those disposable menorahs that might get dented in your suitcase. Resembling a treasure chest, this solid pewter miniature menorah travels like a miracle.

$60. www.rotem.net .

4. A beautiful reproduction of the Second Temple is a very fitting backdrop for a menorah -- since that's where the whole story of Chanukah took place. The ornate replica is ceramic and will sit nicely in your display cabinet the rest of the year.

$62. www.mazaltovpages.com .

5. Even the babes can light the menorah (under adult supervision, of course). The diorama-like menorah sets a scene of a Chanukah party with Disney characters Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Donald and Pluto striking up the band.

$84.95. www.traditionsjewishgifts.com .

6. For the graceful child in the family with a flair for dance, this Ballerina Menorah with miniature dancers posing in plié makes a great gift that is tutu cute.

$50. www.alljudaism.com .

7. The da Vinci among you will appreciate this painter's palette-shaped menorah. Crafted in ceramic and hand-painted, this beautiful piece boasts a dreidel as a shamash.

$35.95. www.traditionsjewishgifts.com .

8. For the woman who loves shoes, this Shoe Store Menorah with a stiletto shamash is a wonderful showpiece.

$49.95. www.traditionsjewishgifts.com .

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