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The Oscars: Harvey Weinstein and the Holocaust

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/hollywood-insider/item/the_oscars_harvey_wenstein_and_the_holocaust_20100224

For a second straight year the Oscars will have a Jewish themed/WWII movie indirectly dealing with the Holocaust produced, this year as last, by Harvey and Bob Weinstein who sold their high end movie company, Miramax, to Disney a few years ago. Miramax (named famously for the Weinstein parents, Miriam and Max) was just sold by Disney, and Bob and Harvey's Oscar nominated movie, this year is under the label The Weinstein Company, called "The Inglorious Bastards" stars Brad Pitt and is written and directed by "Pulp Fiction" and Miramax protégé Quentin Tarantino. It's a vivid and fantastic look at the Holocaust -more pulp pop fiction than last years' Weinstein Company entry into the Oscars - the sober and somber quasi love story, "The Reader" set after the Holocaust which earned the director Stephen Daldry a best director nomination and star Kate Winslet the Oscar itself as leading actress.

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