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Palestinian Graduation

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/israelife/item/palestinian_graduation_20120618

When it comes to certain aspects of Israel's Foreign Policy, the non-Israelis portray a united opinion. Take Gaza, for example. Other than Israelis, most people believe we should aid the poor citizens of this God forgotten place. I wrote "most" because like everything in life, there are exceptions, but out of these exceptions, some believe we should use our resources as a modern, developed country and provide aid for the citizens of Gaza who are not being treated well by the Palestinian Authority; others, whose common sense was probably lost somewhere along the way, see us as a brutal army, who spare no one, and torture poor Palestinians whose only crime was asking for a bowl of soup...The first group, even though I disagreed with them, I could understand in a way. The other group always made me want to pull out my hair with anger, and I really love my hair...

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