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JWW in Congo: Maybe the World Has Not Closed Its Eyes

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/bloggish/item/jww_in_congo_maybe_the_world_has_not_closed_its_eyes_20091109

I thought it couldn’t get worse. Yesterday listening to Renee and Sabine tell the stories of their rapes I felt my heart begin to splinter. But today my heart was shattered. Today we visited one of the last remaining IDP (Internally Displace Persons) camps where 3500 refugees live - men, women and children who are either too afraid or too ill to return to their villages. They live in squalor and filth with minimal food and only the most basic medical care. The children suffer from chronic malnutrition, their bellies swollen from starvation. I know of no words in the English language to describe what we saw.

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