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JWW in Congo: Mama Francine

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/bloggish/item/jww_in_congo_mama_francine_20091108

For nine years Mama Francine (for her safety I cannot reveal her true name) has lived in the safe house in a remote and isolated area outside of Goma. For six years before that she lived at a hospital and endured surgery after surgery to repair the damage to her body caused by violent rape. Even six surgeries could not repair Mama Francine’s body. “She leaks” the translator explained to us. She is in constant pain. She has not returned to her village since she was raped 15 years ago because after the rape, she was no longer welcome in her village. For 15 years she has not seen her children because after the rape, she was no longer accepted by her family. Mama Francine’s only connection with her family is Sabar, her granddaughter. When I asked Mama if she’s seen her daughter in all these years, she responded, “They sent Sabar to me”.

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