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Jews, Genes and the Talmud

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/jewish_diseases/item/jews_genes_and_the_talmud_20100503

At the present time and for many millennia before, we physicians wait for people to get sick, and then we treat them with medication, surgery and other therapies. But once we can construct a profile of every person’s genetic predisposition to disease, medicine will finally become predictive and preventive. We are at the dawn of a new genetics—a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention, which is a result of the Human Genome Project (a 15-year, $3 billion quest), which maps every gene and discovers markers for hereditary disorders. In the coming years, as medical researchers discover the molecular causes of various diseases, novel preventive strategies, new drugs, and eventually gene therapy will change the face of medicine.

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