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“He Eats Like A Pig!”

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Dear Yenta,

I just started dating someone about a month ago. I really like him, we make a great match in a lot of ways. But there's one way in which we really don't match up: food. I'm a vegetarian, who loves good healthy food. Food isn't just sustenance to me, it's culture, its experimentation, it's nurturance. Michael Pollen's Omnivore's Dilemma is one of my favorite books. There isn't a vegetable out there that I don't love. Cooking is a very important thing to me, and in other relationships it's been an important part of my connection to the other person.

This guy is exactly the opposite. Not only does he absolutely hate vegetables, he doesn't even know how to identify some of the very basic ones. He's in his 30's, but when we go out to dinner, he might as well order off the kids menu-- he eats pizza, grilled cheese, hamburgers (no tomato, lettuce, pickles, or onions, of course) and cheese omelettes. The only color other than white and yellow on his plate is the occasional ketchup to go with his french fries. Even with beer we don't match up-- I'm always looking for a fun new microbrew or craft beer, and he rarely strays from Miller Light.

I know it sounds like a trivial thing, but this mismatch has actually been pretty challenging for me in our burgeoning relationship. It's obviously not just about the food itself, it's an ideological thing. Am I overreacting? Should I try to convince him to start eating like an adult? Sneak veggies into his food like you do with little kids? Help, Yenta!


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