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David Carradine - Kung Fu King [EXCLUSIVE RARE PHOTOS]

URL: http://www.jewishjournal.com/hollywoodjew/item/david_carradine-_from_kong_fu_to_kill_bill_20090615

It was a rainy, almost storming, Tuesday night, around 11:00pm, when I stopped in a shell gas station on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana. It was a few days after my husband's death and I was getting gas after driving aimlessly for hours. I noticed a tall and slim man get out of a red Lamborghini, with a huge and jolly dog walking right next to him. The dog seemed full of life and eager to please, while his owner reflective and gloomy. He entered into the shell store and asked for 3 packs of cigarettes and $20 worth of gas for his car. The smile on his face was warm and unpretentious, and I felt at ease asking him if he was the actor who played in the Kong Fu series. He bowed his head. Looking at him closely I could tell that the soft expression on his face revealed many lines of age heavy and individuality uneasy. There was sorrow and definite pain, yet endless warmth and a unique energy. I asked if we could meet and maybe do an article on him for an Israeli newspaper. He thought it was a great idea and gave me his phone numbers.

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