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The Inane Race for Moral Equivalency

by Daryl Temkin, Ph.D.

3 days ago

Israelis mourn during the funeral of Aryeh Kopinsky, Calman Levine and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg in Jerusalem. Photo by Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters

This summer, it was the murder of the three teenagers standing at a bus stop. In the past few weeks, it was the use of a car as a murder weapon that left a three month old baby dead, as... read on

  • Henry Waxman, Hollywood elite and other Angelenos named to Forward 50 2014

    By Ryan Torok

    1 week ago

    Angelenos named to the Jewish Daily Forward 50 2014 include Israeli-American Council board chairman Shawn Evenhaim; Rabbi Eliyahu Fink of Pacific Jewish Center; Congressman Henry Waxman; and Micah Wexler of Wexler’s Deli.

    And Hollywood figures, including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lizzy... read on

  • The hero in our midst

    by Marci Kislin Heskel

    2 weeks ago

    “You are somebody” Mel Feuer tells students at Horace Mann Elementary School. Mel is a 16-year volunteer for the Community Circle Program, sponsored by the Maple Counseling Center.  Community Circle is a student outreach program that serves over thirty elementary school classrooms... read on

  • Riots in Jerusalem: It’s Never Been About Borders

    by Gidon Ben-Zvi

    2 weeks ago

    Recent unrest in Jerusalem is once again fanning the fires of indignation regarding the very presence of Israel in certain parts of the country's capital city. Return East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, so goes the peace calculus, and these long repressed victims of an unusually... read on

  • Crowdfunding a Jewish education

    by Josh Anisfeld

    3 weeks ago

    I remember walking into the kindergarten room of Solomon Schechter Day School in Chicago when I was 4.  The first thing asked of me was to put on my kippah. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the request. I remember reading Torah for my first time in 2nd grade.  We split up into... read on

  • UNfriend: The case for Israel pulling out of the United Nations

    by Harry and Gidon Ben-Zvi

    October 6, 2014 | 9:44 am

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the UN General Assembly in New York last week took place in the Western world's epicenter for the promotion, codification and implementation of insitutional anti-Semitism.

    After all, it is no coincidence that behind every... read on

  • Meditation on a Tallis

    by Anita Getzler

    September 24, 2014 | 9:15 am

    Sitting here, small, next to you in your dark suit,

    so handsome, so content.

    Here at synagogue,

    secure, with peace in your heart.


    The exuberance with which you davin,

    the satisfaction with which you hold my hand.

    It feels so little inside yours—almost lost.

    How... read on

  • Millennials: Map out your holidays

    by Tess Cutler

    September 22, 2014 | 3:22 pm

    Birthright Israel Alumni Organization NEXT is targeting the millennial generation, Jews in their 20s and 30s, with their High Holiday initiative. The millennials are notoriously the toughest demographic to get to temple.  

    “It’s pretty expensive here in LA to belong somewhere,... read on

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