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WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THE MIDDLE EAST? Part V: The War Waged by Gaza against Israel

by Yaakov Lichter and Michael Aaronson

August 20, 2014 | 2:02 pm

A well-known Israeli song starts with the words: "I have no other country / Even if its soil is burning". The song's melody is very quiet and soft. It rhymes in Hebrew, not in English, but you sure got the point.

We have tried to speak in this blog about different aspects of the war HAMAS is waging against Israel – but let us try here to give you a very short, bullet-like, rudimentary exposition and explanation of that war:

  • Nine years ago, in the summer of 2005, Israel evacuated all its armed forces and all Israeli civilians from Gaza. This was a complete withdrawal of Israel from Gaza.
  • This unilateral step, or move, received the name "Disengagement", meaning Israel's unilateral complete detachment from Gaza.
  • Jewish settlements and villages in Gaza ceased to exist, and the Palestinian "Freedom Fighters" remained with nothing to fight for.
  • But the HAMAS organization in Gaza is both not ready and unwilling to build a peaceful and tranquil life.
  • These terrorists – like any terrorist - live on the expense of others and their economy is parasitical.
  • Two things are needed to sustain it:
    • First, a situation of ever-lasting destruction is needed to get what is allegedly called Humanitarian Aid;
    • Second, there is a need to have an external enemy.
  • Therefore, the Islamists attack the border passageways through which Palestinian citizens arrive to work in Israel, whose economy is much more advanced.
  • These HAMAS terrorists shoot at the petroleum terminals through which Israel is supplying them with gas and at Israeli trucks that supply food, raw materials, equipment, medicines, etc. Just for your information – Israel also supplies a significant part of the Palestinian electricity consumption.
  • Why do the HAMAS terrorists shoot? Think a little and you will surely understand – if they shoot, Israel will stop the supplies of gas, food, medicines and so on, and then the Gazans will have the "opportunity" to once again convince the world to declare "Humanitarian Crisis" there. And there comes the desired inflow of money and more (see below).
  • And who will be once again accused as guilty? – You certainly guessed: Israel.
  • Now, here's a safe recipe for the creation of the external aggressor:
    • You build an improvised rocket – a very cheap yet sufficiently devastating weapon:
      • To build it you use an empty metal pipe (actually a water pipe), two pounds of explosives made of petrol, mineral fertilizer and regular sugar, and there you have a rocket.
      • By the way, all those ingredients are defined as humanitarian products…
      • You build thousands of these and you fire them on Israeli peaceful towns and tranquil villages.
    • You get mortars, along with their shells, scatter them in hidden places and fire them into Israel when you just feel like doing it.
    • You dig underground tunnels to get under Israeli civilian or military infrastructure and blow them off, or to infiltrate into serene towns and murder citizens in their beds, or in gatherings such as weddings, etc.
  • Israeli towns are under such continual fire of thousands of rockets and mortar shells, on a daily basis, since the withdrawal of Israel from Gaza in 2005.
  • This is what the Islamists do for years - they do not know how to produce anything but war, they do not want anything but war, because war is both their wage-earner and their deep radical belief.
  • The most common Palestinian rocket is called 'Qasam". It flies for 15 seconds.
  • Within this time, an infant in a nursery cannot even be carried to a safe place by its care-taker, a child in kindergarten cannot run anywhere, a school girl can hardly bend below her desk, a driver in the street cannot even stop his car and a farmer in the field has one option only – lie down and pray. Do you get the situation?
  • For almost ten years hundreds of thousands of Israelis cannot sleep, work or study.
  • They live in constant fear and ever-lasting stress: even the squeal of a bus' brakes in the street sounds to them as the shriek of a rocket.
  • Israel, whose system of values is democratic and based on the sacredness of life, has invested lots of effort and money in developing defensive means, both passive (like shelters) and active (such as 'Iron-Dome'). That was a huge effort for Israel. In addition, it has also restrained its responses and did not retaliate as much as it could.
  • During about 8 years after Israel's detachment from Gaza, until mid- 2014, more than 20 Israelis were killed from rocket hits and more than 400 suffered injuries at various levels.
  • NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD would have tolerated what Israel did for 8 years. At last Israel responded to defend its citizens.
  • This was exactly what HAMAS was looking forward to: HAMAS ordered the Gazans, most of which are his hostages, to stay near HAMAS rocket launchers, ammunition warehouses and other military targets or stand on their house roofs, so that a maximal number of them are killed. Gazans who refused to do so were shot in the streets by HAMAS.
  • The world media covers big events only, because air-time is too expensive. Business, you know.
  • Most Palestinian terror acts will never be shown on TV and they will be reported in the newspapers – if at all – in small fonts and on the last pages only.
  • But the Israeli citizens who watch the news (virtually each one does it daily) see the guys who appear in the picture above.
  • This is the reality of our daily routine, and therefore it is most likely that you simply do not know why Israel fought in Gaza.
  • This is how the international news agencies have everything they need to run their business and screen a "successful" high-rating evening show – tanks, explosions, wounded children and homeless civilians. Very attractive. Very profitable.
  • These are the profits of TV and the profits of HAMAS. Their "Job"-Security is thus secured.
  • But this is a big loss for Israel, who wants to end the era of wars, because it is in its utmost interest to do so, but there no other way for Israel to fulfil the primary obligation of a state and protect its citizens.
  • This is exactly the reason why tens of thousands Israeli reserve troops left their homes, their spouses, children and work and went out to defend the country against terror.

And – to Israel's great sorrow - it is very likely that it will repeat itself until the vicious circle described above will cease to exist. Believe it or not, while I am writing these final lines I hear on the radio news that HAMAS has just commenced rocket and mortar fire into Israeli towns again…


Being realistic in this part of the world means being pessimistic. This will continue as long as the democratic West will continue to pretend it does not know there's a fatal danger to its continuation.

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