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VideoJew explores the Purim hangover…at Chabad Purim party

by Jay Firestone

March 27, 2008 | 12:33 pm

Purim may be over, but the holiday is most likely still in our systems.  For me, the Purim hangover is never easy.  My body aches thanks to several consecutive sets of hora dancing.  My stomach aches from an overdose of flour, eggs and raspberry preservatives.  But most of all my head is throbbing – the result of listening to the megillah-reading, while seated adjacent to many annoying children armed with groggers.

It’s a hangover of the worst kind…and I’m not sure Torah can provide any comfort. 

For a more detailed analysis I went to the one of the biggest parties in the city, The Wild Wild Westwood Purim Party hosted by the UCLA Chabad and neighboring collegiate Chabads, to find out how LA Jews were preparing themselves for what is likely to be a very brutal bokar.

A shocking discovery, it seems as though UCLA has a mysteriously large number of students who are “of age.”  And none of them seemed to care about feeling sick the next morning. 

That’s how I knew that many of them were under 21.

Because as someone who’s been “legal” for the past 2 years, its virtually impossible to drink without the ensuing repercussions.  It seems that my search for a remedy to the holiday sickness will remain unanswered.

A week later, my body, stomach and head still hurt.  I need a severe detox…a break from regular food and beverage.  Maybe a four-cup minimum for by alcohol consumption…thank god for Passover.

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