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Top 10 Uses for Leftover Matzah

by Lauren Bottner

April 25, 2011 | 2:32 pm

We seek it out before Passover.  We sweep dark corners and peer under beds.  We get detailed car washes and scour our kitchens.  We have dinner parties with chametz smorgasbords before first Seder.  8 days later we groan over all of the leftover matzah.  Always aiming to help, here are top 10 uses for leftover matzah.

Top 10 uses for leftover matzah:

1. Mix matzah meal with water for an industrial strength yet naturally organic way to patch up leaks, use as grout, or paste cracked tiles

2. Invite friends for a Passover eating contest.  First prize should include a family-size bag of prunes.

3. Make a picnic of matzah with butter, matzah with jam, matzah with cream cheese, etc. Sit on a matzah blanket and play Frisbee with round shmurah matzah

4. Set out matzah-meal rolls to harden (this should take 5-10 minutes).  Use as alternative golf balls, tennis balls, or baseballs depending on size and general sponginess

5. Help plants retain moisture by covering the soil around the base of plants with crumbled matzah in place of your regular mulch. 

6. Use sheets of matzah as paper towels to mop up any dribbles and spills.

7. Feed matzah to the dog.  When he refuses to eat it, move on to next idea.

8. Create a fort using matzah as bricks and charoset as mortar to use should you need to wander through the desert or seek shelter from awry Passover roll golf balls

(note: should charoset be like gold in your family as it is in mine, this would be sacrilegious.  I suggest using matzah meal paste instead!)

9. Use as stationary.  Recipients may get the added bonus of piecing together the letter like a puzzle should it crack en route. 

10. Save the matzah for next year…sadly, you won’t taste a difference


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