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The matzah challenge…VideoJew’s blind taste test

by Jay Firestone

April 10, 2008 | 10:23 am

video by Jay Firestone

Can you taste the difference between two different matzahs? 

For some, it may be quite a feat to positively identify one matzah from another.  But I know that each matzah is unique in texture, flavor, scent and shape.

Here are a few tips to follow, in case you ever find yourself in the position to be a professional matzah taste tester.

1) Look at the matzah. How many holes to each row?  Is the matzah square or round.  If its square, its usually machine made; if its round, its usually handmade.

2) Feel the matzah. Check its smoothness, or lack there of.  Are the sides sharp or smooth?

3) Smell the matzah.  What flavors do you smell (egg, grape, onion, wheat)?

4) Break the matzah.  How brittle is it?  A crisp, clean break can certainly prove advantageous when making a Hillel sandwich.

5) Finally, taste the matzah.  Take a small bite.  Allow the crumbs to fall to the back of your mouth, while you gently take short quick breaths.  This will allow the matzah to aerate…wait for the explosion of flavor.

Using these tips, you should be able to determine if a matzah is worthy of afikomen status or just good enough for matzah pizza.  Don’t be alarmed if you can’t taste the difference yet…give it a few months, visit a few matzah factories, buy a few boxes. 

In time you, too, can become a matzah connoisseur.

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