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Meet ‘The Goldbergs,’  black and white TV sitcom stars of the 1950s

by The Web Guy

June 10, 2008 | 9:15 pm

I don’t think we had a TV in 1955.

I remember going next door to the Greenspan’s house to watch ‘Howdy Doody’ until my mom would knock on the wall three times and Jeanette Greenspan would send me home for dinner.

I certainly don’t remember ‘The Goldbergs’—apparently a big show during that era.  I vaguely remember the Dumont network, but no Goldbergs.

I found this digitized clip late last night on the Internet Archive, which is full of wondrous things, including moving images—and kinescopes—that are now in the public domain.

The notes that accompanied the video describe this clip as an ‘episode of the Jewish-themed 1950s soap-opera/sitcom ”The Goldbergs”, starring Gertrude Berg, taken from the final season.  The show was based on a popular radio program, and started on CBS, then moved to NBC, then moved to DuMont, then moved to syndication.  This video is from a syndication episode, and the print is mostly complete, running at 25 minutes. ‘

Quite a period piece, when Jews first ventured out into the suburbs, seeking acceptance in a wider world . . .

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