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by The Web Guy

August 21, 2008 | 4:01 am

Re: you jews
Yeah one should not type out of anger. You are gods people and i am a gentile. I see you and the others fighting its crazy. I have no faith and nothing to fight about. I dont trust you or what is going on with america, Obama will win.. i am cursed when i gave my soul to away, I get dreams of what is coming.. The dollar with drop and the usa will go to a card number system, UFO;s will be sighted, and russia, and iran and other will join togther, And the ones who put us here will come. Get a pair of night vison 4 googles and look at a star filled sky away from everything a open field. And tell me what you see! I worked for gas co sending gas to fort carson air base. and i have seen and heard everything. They where looking at the sky with head gear and calling on the radio because radar was not working and there where things flying in the sky. I know so much now. It helps sleeping with the file clerk for fortcarson, next to norad. There is another base with out a name or on any maps. I got photos of it, and weird weird things. this is no live, i got gear ready and waiting.
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