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In Unconventional Jewish Families, The Kids Are All Right. Really.

by Jonah Lowenfeld

July 30, 2010 | 2:32 pm

This seems radically new and different...until you meet the Greenbergs.

Lisa Cholodenko’s new film, “The Kids Are All Right,” showed viewers that a family headed by a lesbian couple with two children born from the artificially inseminated sperm of the same anonymous donor could be, well, conventional. The same cannot be said about the Greenbergs, the family profiled in the current issue of Lilith Magazine.

Rabbi Julie Greenberg’s three biological children were conceived with the sperm of two different donors. All three are in (or just out of) Ivy League universities. They and their two younger siblings—both adopted from Guatemala while still infants—were parented first by Greenberg alone. That was a conscious choice, as was Greenberg’s choice to involve a friend as a “parenting partner” in 2000. She is called Mom. He is called Dad. He lives three blocks away, and is a “celibate gay man.”

For more on the Greenbergs, a story about a “spuncle,” and other out-of-the-box tales of “D-I-Y Parenting,” check out Lilith.org.

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