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If your kids know Britney’s lyrics, blame the Jews!

by The Web Guy

November 25, 2008 | 2:28 am

The same Internet ‘news’ site that proved Osama bin Laden was actually a Jewish conspirator has come up with a new bundle of merde to pass off as news.

This latest think-piece seeks to prove that American pop culture, and Britney Spears in particular, is part of the worldwide Jewish plot to subvert Islam.

But the original Protocols of the Elders of Zion forgery is not a good enough source for these hateful pigs; no, they need a previously unknown 10th Protocol—fabricated by neo-nasties—to come up with this whopper:

This is from the 10th Protocol of the Jews . . .

1. Song….. Entertaining Songs

If there are children who do not know how to say shahadah, but are able to memorize pop songs with long lyrics. If there are children who could not memorize the Fatihah….but are able to memorize Britney Spear’s song which lyrics is as long as a train, then the Jews have already been successful, to the extent that they would make us think… “how’s life gonna be without the radio?”

On the other hand, Orit once thought Britney should come to Israel.

Maybe these Wakistan asshats are onto something!


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