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by Dikla Kadosh

April 27, 2009 | 1:16 pm

Hip Hop Hoodios' new album 'Carne Masada'

Listen to “Que Pasa in Israel” here.

To download this track, right click on this link and select, “save link as.”

The Hip Hop Hoodios, an urban crew that jams together Jewish and Latino cultures in what it calls “post-ethnic punk hop,” will release a new collection of songs—some old, some new—this week. “Carne Masada: Quite Possibly the Very Best of Hip Hop Hoodios,” available this week on iTunes, Amazon and other music download sites, includes classic Hoodios tracks such as “Havana Nagila” and “K#k* on the Mic,” and features provocative new ones that have you wondering whether you should be listening intently to the lyrics or tearing up the dance floor like a tequila-laden Heeb.

“Hoodia Para Mi” parodies the Latin hip-hop songs that describe the sex appeal of Latina women and pays tribute to the beauty and brains of Jewish women; “Asi Loncheamos (Two Matzoh Balls)” is a bilingual rap about the joys of eating – something both the Latino and Jewish cultures know a little about.

“Que Pasa in Israel (Checkpoint C#ler*),” an exclusive free download on jewishjournal.com, is the crew’s first foray into the mine field that is Middle Eastern politics. Josh Norek, one-half of the Hoodios duo, wrote this about the politically-sensitive song: “It’s one of our more political tunes and the first one dealing with Israel/Palestine – albeit in our usual semi-surreal and offbeat manner. The song opens up with dialogue that is obviously set at an Israeli border checkpoint. But rather than a Palestinian asking for permission to come in, it’s a Mexican named Rodrigo who is seeking entry to Jerusalem. He’s being interrogated by the Israeli border guard and being bluntly asked ‘you make a taco?’  I guess subconsciously we also wanted to work in U.S. immigration issues ... after all, we ARE a Latino-Jewish rap group!”

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Check out more Hoodios songs and videos on www.myspace.com/hiphophoodios.

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