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E-mail to the webmaster: The writings of all the preliterate scribes

by The Web Guy

September 28, 2008 | 5:07 pm

Jackie Cox writes:

why don’t you use the word hebrew or israeli? Is it because of the endless debate between the scribes and the pharisees? I am 65 now and have studied all my life, taken journeys to other countries and observed any endless array of religions, each one with spiritual paranormal beliefs, If observed as an independent observer, it becomes apparent that each person has somehow created his own distinct viewpoint of his God/ Great Spirit/ Saint/ Profit whatever, In each one it seems that a spirit has manifested itself to a person or persons within each culturally diverse religion and at some point in time during the development of his/her civilization a spirit unseen by the others has given information to an individual so great that the entire culture has been affected by this spirit, working through some individual in the group. The event thusly recorded or passed down by word of mouth until a written language was developed. The most diverse and possibly the oldest is hinduism 13,000 gods,saints whatever, shiva, ignorance the really bad saint is akin to the devil. Judaic religions, possibly because no one seems to either agree nor disagree on whether their is a heaven or hell, which only says that some of the writers may not have had a visit from the spirits. plus each ones interpretation of god is frequently dissimilar has led to the catholics and christians ( very similar ) and then muhammad, and later on a never ending division of churches. each one claiming to be the one with the words we need to see our spirits thru time. Almost all have one thing in common, they are words, written a very long time ago. Most began when mankind believed the earth was flat or the center of the universe and that all the other stars and stuff up their circled the earth. All the writings of all the preliterate scribes( if viewed as an independent observer become questionable as to their actual validity) until you realize that simple languages were a long time in coming, and that only very recently have we began to get a gripe of the possible uses of the materials surrounding us that can be made into something more than simple tools for defense against our predators, the lions, wolves, bears, and other big animals, and small, the diseases, kept our life span at a minimum for an eternity. Simply dentistry, prolonging our ability to masticate our foods, was a biggy, Nylon, distilled and synthesized from petroleum (toothbrush) previously made from animal hair, affordably for the anarchy, as was literacy. writing materials have only recently became easier than rocks and tree bark. The printing press is fairly new. The lifespan has increased more in the last 50 years than all the time gone on before( for the 1st world countries) The computer/internet for public use is about 6 years old, imagine that, all the cumulative intelligence of man now in one book, enabling any child with enough moxy to read and comprehend to know anything he can spell, virtually all the children are in this category. Most people like myself have been identified as paranoid delusional or just the latter. anyone with the time to never stop learning ends up disagreeing with virtually everyone, past and present, and with good reason, we are all different, the result of our experiences, I was in the navy at 17 , I took the GED test, it was 15.7 year grade level, I quit school and studied on my on. The navy sent me to an endless array of training, from intelligence, to optics and machine shop, to computers in the day of fortran and cobol. When I got out I worked for an industrial engineering consulting firm in time study, methods product design etc etc I worked for whatever company I picked out for as long as I wanted from 1965 until 1973 I studied and improved 12 different diverse; design, engineering, manufacturing,marketing companies. My next to last last job, the first company to grow silicon mounds, slice them into wafers, design integrated circuits and use monolithic photography to make the worlds first silicon based semiconductors and integrated circuits, which IBM used to complete the computer architecture for the worlds first PC’s. On that job, a study of the entire company structure, I employed 4 phd’s, There were two other silicon startups at that time. Texas Instruments and fairchild. There is a neverending dispute as to who was first, Academia says it was Noyce, The truth is that before there were electronic computers there were electric computers, Monolithic photography enabled the integration of all the individual machines into the 1401 IBM 1st generation electronic computer, hundreds of thousands of engineering manhours brought us into IBM PC’s, But the fed and monopoly laws refused to allow IBM to make their designs, setting back the internet a good 20 years. The group who thought they could take computers away from IBM had all the money for patent attorneys and judges, as well as money to manufacture, but, they didn’t have the moxy, they had Noyce, the self proclaimed designer, who didn’t understand the actual design and manufacturing processes, so the PC clones were 20 years in coming. The internet took another 10 years or so. I spent my life in this world thinking of computer design and math modeling until my last job with Bell Northern Research Labs (Alexander Graham Bells old Company) I had developed the empirical matrix while working for john west of Manitowoc engineering ( world leader in tower lifting equipment) and believed I could convince Bell To Construct a series of printed circuit boards to employ the matrix. I got into a disagreement on the issue and left and formed my own company in ottawa ontario but moved it to montreal in 67, a mistake, I didn’t realize that starting in 79 They would ethnically cleanse the province of anyone they felt was procanadian, and they especially didn’t want americans living there. So I wasted the next 15 years fighting them, They declared me an enemy of the quebec gouvernment in 79 it took them 15 years to cook up a case for deportation. I believe all this instrumentation that man builds is coming from the great spirit/spirits. I have spent a life of devout prayer and wishing all those around me to be well and sound of thought. In my mind there was always this everpresent spector, the language breaks down on viable description.The nearest I can get to describing the realities that I see in my mind (visions) not dreams given the limitations of language is that there are spectrums/dimensions that exist whereby entities of a paranormal/spiritual exist, some I have observed with eyes wide open are but a glimmer of movement, visual to me in the dimmest of lights, these have never actually communicated with me in any form other than to permit the vision, since this is outside the realm of existing science and instrumentation, it only serves to illustrate to me of their existence. The most significant vision to me was an assembly of more than a glimmer, up higher than the rest was a cloaked figure who seemed to be sitting, on nothing resting on a desk, also invisible, in a spectrum the color of the sun, if you looked directly at it and then looked away, the absolute voidence of light but with tiny points of light going off and on—- down lower to the left of the vision was an endless group of spirits all hooded, hardly visible dark, the first one was holding a book out to me thumbing thru the whole book in an instant, all the pages were blank, they showed nothing, then farther off to the right was this enormous activity a blur of activity in black and white. I looked back at the greater of all the scene, who simply looked away. This vision was in gesu church in ceremony, the spirit looked away from the priest, an old man. I have no Idea as to why I was permitted to see this event or even how, the scene creates an enormous amount of questions. It was real, it occurred anter a few hours of prayer, and meditation, I used to go there to listen to the Marquette Choir practice and prey for the children and indeed the Jesuits, whose lives are dedicated to truth. I saw other scenes their, but nothing as significant as the one with the great spirit, and since that time my life has changed, I feel the presence of a gathering almost continually. After study on the internet I came across the” Book of Mary” which was considered but not recommended to be included in the kings bible, they gave several reasons, one, she was only a woman, peter who acknowledged she spent more time with christ than anyone she was his companion, asked her if there was anything he said to her that they had not yet said. Her words were few she said that he told her ” the mind rests between the spirit and the soul ” And that they should go out into the world starting up churches, groups of peoples meeting together in an effort to do the right thing for themselves and their families. When I read this It became clear to me that the way to my mind was through my spirit, perhaps something I have in common with all the spirits I see. It gives me hope that the world is influenced by these spirits, and an understanding of the incredible surge in scientific instrumentation we are beginning to experience that will change the world. I have seen and believe in an entity with the capacity to design and construct nature and what is, existing in a realm that not only escapes our understanding, but our ability to describe it as well. My unanswered questions, where did they come from, How were these great powers obtained, how are we related to them, are they an extension of ourselves, what is our ultimately purpose. and on and on. Oh, I know each religion proclaims to have already answered all these questions, and that they are the way, and so forth. Yet all of them require that you literally hypnotize yourself into believing to actually believe. None of them predicted the computer, a devise enabling man to raise himself to heights,magnitudes, above what man with books can achieve. Knowing all men are different, I have come to believe that God is a word ment to describe truth, and this creature, If everything came from somewhere, who is the most significant variable of our existence, would require that we dedicate ourselves to the search for truth. I believe the great spirit comes to man thru his spirit and uses some people to discover the realities around us that we have overlooked enabling us to progress with time, and that to stop discovery and proclaim any old preliterate scribe to have found the ultimate truth ( even though in all probability the great spirit visited these men as well ) is to substitute the means for the end. I read each one and can see where they made great progress for society at their point in time, yet the truth remains that there can only be truth, nothing else, and if these great men were alive today they would say the same thing, go forward in time, don’t let me slow you down, do as I have done which is to improve society, not destroy it. Don’t make decisions without access to the variables, don’t abandon nature and replace it with fashion and law, design for functionality, not fashion, stop denaturing the earth, respect the other species, instinct is not a word, but, an excuse refusing to admit the other species have languages, cultures, they fall in love, have families. Just because we don’t understand them doesn’t mean anything less than we still aren’t too bright. My viewpoint we have an insidious judiciary that makes self serving laws and employ an academic caste system to back them up, and the future generations given a single book and the ability to communicate all discoveries to all people will change the world into a better place. Jewish is this a possible meaning of the word? Will our children forgive, forget the lies and bring us into a better world, one dedicated to God, the truth.


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