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Boom Boom Mazal Tov!

by Orit Arfa

June 10, 2009 | 7:08 pm

Maybe they were divinely inspired by their concert right outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City last year—or by the happening party scene in Tel Aviv—but the Black Eyes Peas proudly acknowledge Judaism’s life-affirming outlook with the incorporation of “mazal tov” (congratulations, although they pronounce it mazel tov) and “l’chaim” (to life) into their just released party dance song: “I Gotta Feeling.”

Following their mega-hit “Boom Boom Pow” with its futuristic party theme, the Black Eyed Peas have embraced a more ancient party tradition with a bang. Their lyrics, set to dance-inducing beats and riffs, runneth over with Jewish innuendo, “Fill up my cup (Drink)/ Mazal tov (L’Chaim)”, although the rabbis might not approve of the next verse: “Look at her dancing (Move it Move it)/Just take it off”; or the way Fergie trots around in her bra, underwear, and feathered scarf; or what looks like two chicks making out.

They might have redeemed themselves by holding up a kiddush cup of Manishevitz wine, applying their words “I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night…tonight’s the night/ let’s live it up” to the Friday night—the Holy Sabbath—since the song boasts a monotheistic twist as well: “Go out and smash it/Like Oh my God.”

The Jewish influence may (or may not) owe credit to the director of the video Ben Mor, who, according to WILDsound is an Israeli-American director of videos, commercials, and short films. Boom Boom Mazal Tov!

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