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Being in an elderly home doesn’t mean a life of boredom

by Henry Lane

May 20, 2014 | 10:24 am

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What do you think people get up to in care homes? If you think that they all sit about bored or just listlessly watching TV all day long then you might be in for a bit of a surprise.

The truth is that there are far more people having fun in care homes right now than you might think. How do they manage this? Well, the following activities are all things that residents can get up to in order to enjoy life more. 

Pub Games

Everyone loves the odd game now and then, with care home residents as partial to these as anyone else. Some pub games always go down a treat and there are a number of benefits associated with them. For a start, the residents will get a lot of fun from them, which will help them enjoy their days in the home even more. Another big benefit is that this sort of activity can help give them some extra physical and mental exercise as well. Card games, board games, puzzles and quizzes are among the best ideas for adding some playing time to the day.

Craft Ideas

In any given care home there are bound to be some residents who are fantastic at carrying out craftwork. This could means knitting, designing decorations or any of a number of other interesting activities. It could be that some of them haven’t had a chance to practise their favourite crafts for a few years or so and will be delighted to give them a try again.    

Story Time

There are a couple of different ways this can work and both of them can result in a lot fun in care homes for everyone taking part. One of these approaches is for the residents to tell stories about the old days to younger visitors. This can lead to captivating stories which thrill the youngsters and let the residents relive some of their favourite moments from the past at the same time. The other idea is for visitors to read out stories from books or magazines to the residents. This can help residents with poor eyesight to enjoy a good story. Of course either of these methods can also lead to a lively conversation afterwards and some great memories for everyone involved. Just think how many amazing life stories that many of the residents in each home have to tell. It can make for fascinating listening for any members of visitors present.

Food and Drink

Adding some food and drink related activities to the days in the care home can also be a wonderful way of injecting a bit of extra fun into things. Again, there are sure to be very skilled cooks in the home and giving them the chance to try a few recipes for senior citizens can help them enjoy themselves and get some extra exercise too. Tasks such as glazing cakes and making biscuits are ideal for some great times making food. Of course, a couple of drinks here and there on special occasions can help the residents have a good time too. 


Who doesn’t like the idea of singing and playing instruments with their friends? A regular musical evening can help everyone relax and get into the right spirit. This is a great opportunity for remembering old classics and also for learning new songs. With a bit of luck there will be at least one person in the home who is really good on the piano or the guitar and can lead the group. Everyone else can join in and enjoy what is sure to be one of the best events in the weekly schedule.  

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