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New Dead Sea Scrolls research on TV

By  Tom Tugend

July 22, 2010 | 10:15 pm

Scholar recaps new research on Dead Sea Scrolls for TV

After 12 years of researching the Dead Sea Scrolls, UCLA archaeologist Robert Cargill couldn’t believe his luck last January when... read on

  • Getty research to track looted art

    By  Tom Tugend

    July 22, 2010 | 2:05 pm

    A new research project may give new impetus to the 65-year old search to track down the original ownership of paintings and other art works looted by the Nazis, mainly from Jews.
    The research involves the digital archiving of all German auction catalogues from 1930-1945, which... read on

  • Stockholm Israel Protest Pictures

    By Rob Eshman

    July 20, 2010 | 1:54 pm

    On vacation in Stockholm, Harry Wiland of the Media Policy Center snapped a shot of a disturbing scene: a silent protest calling for a boycott of Israel.  My Swedish is rusty, but I’m pretty sure that’s what those T-shirts say.

  • Kafka’s Kvitlach

    By Jonah Lowenfeld

    July 19, 2010 | 7:03 pm

    Four safe deposit boxes containing a cache of Jewish writer Franz Kafka’s papers were recently found in a bank in Zurich. A court in Tel Aviv is now trying to decide who owns them.

    The boxes, which were opened today, reportedly include a number of manuscripts, including one... read on

  • 10 Tips from Value Investor Howard Marks

    By Jonah Lowenfeld

    July 13, 2010 | 11:22 am

    “Never forget the six-foot-tall man who drowned crossing the stream that was five feet deep on average,” (1) said Howard Marks in an aphorism-filled speech he gave last night. Organized by the Federation’s recently relaunched Finance & Investment Division, 150 men and women... read on

  • Local Jewish Non-Profits Rank High in Competition for Chase Charity

    By JewishJournal.com

    July 9, 2010 | 6:15 pm

    by Daniella Penn

    The Chase Community Giving program, in which individuals vote for the local charity of their choice via Facebook, is nearing a close. Any non-profit with an annual budget of under $1 million is eligible, and hundreds of thousands of charities are participating.... read on

  • Russian math genius rejects $1M prize

    By Adam Wills

    July 1, 2010 | 5:02 pm

    Russian Jewish math genius Grigori Perelman is refusing the million-dollar Millennium Prize for solving one of the most difficult open problems in mathematics, the Poincaré conjecture.

    The Clay Mathematics Institute in Cambridge, Mass., confirmed Thursday that Perelman had called... read on

  • Writer Christopher Hitchens shocks with cancer announcement

    By Ryan Torok

    July 1, 2010 | 12:31 pm

    British writer Christopher Hitchens announced plans to undergo chemotherapy to fight off cancer.

    Hitchens said: “I have been advised by my physician that I must undergo a course of chemotherapy on my esophagus. This advice seems persuasive to me.”

    The polarizing but popular author... read on

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