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Teen Wolf Recap: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

by Zan Romanoff

July 30, 2013 | 9:06 am

If it's the girls know too much in this episode-- Allison takes her father's careful tracking of the Darach for evidence that he is one, Lydia decides to acknolwedge her power instead of denying it and discovers that she's a banshee, Jennifer, well, Jennifer is the Darach after all-- then it's the men who know far too little. There's poor Danny, letting Ethan tie his tie and fix his hair before a school recital, unaware that his boyfriend is a murderous Alpha. There's Derek, who doesn't know his girlfriend is a murderous druid or how to save his mysteriously dying sister. Then there's poor Sherriff Stilsinki, who finally gets let in on Beacon Hills' worst-kept secret only to get stabbed and abducted in the episode's final minutes.

It's actually a pretty decent hour, especially on the heels of last week's manipulative mess. The plot advances: we learn things about characters (that Danny and Ethan's last pack was a terrible one, that they didn't always know how to Alphasmash themselves into one enormous creature), we learn things about what's been happening-- who's been killing people, anyway-- and gain some more clues as to why. Characters not only don't lie to one another, they go out of their way to tell each other the truth and keep each other up to date. Everyone works together and yet somehow things still happen! There's still tension and drama and feelings galore. ("Mom would have believed me," I mean really, Stiles, Jen threw the knife but you're not at all afraid to twist it.) Let this be a lesson to you, Teen Wolf: sometimes, traditional is more interesting, and less frilly cinematic pretension can mean much more getting to happen up on the screen.

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